Why I Love Writing on a Height-Adjustable Desk

Writing for a living has allowed me to focus on honing the skills that I enjoy the most. It also saved me from doing what I dislike–which is interacting with a lot of people and being too busy to write.

But months of writing from home also showed me some of the health risks associated with–not writing per se, but–staying in the same position for long, long hours. Even with all the love I have for sitting in a corner and jamming words on the keyboard, there are many instances when I just couldn’t bring myself to that stance.

Thankfully, I discovered this body-friendly office furniture/writing buddy which is now my favorite: a height-adjustable desk. It’s ergonomic, it looks nice, and using it gives me plenty of health benefits. You can learn about the benefits of this type of desks through the internet, but I’d like to share with you my favorites:

Less Muscular Aches

It’s never easy to work when you feel random aches on your back, shoulders, or legs. I understand these aches may sometimes signal a worse problem than posture, but we can’t discount the fact that proper posture–alongside doing some stretching and posture shifts every once in a while–lessens the likelihood of body pain.

With ergonomic office furniture like a height-adjustable desk, I always have an eye-level surface to work on whether I’d like to work in a sitting position or while standing. And yes, using this type of desk also protects my eyes from strain.

More Awake Brain

We usually grab coffee or Coke to help boost our mental activity. Desks? It sounds foolish to even think about them helping with our brains. Except that they do. Indirectly, yes, but helpful nonetheless.

Converting a desk into a standing desk forces you to stand, which then leads to improved blood circulation and a better flow of oxygen-rich blood to your brain. This naturally gears your brain for some thinking work and reduces the chances of mental fatigue.

Of course, you can always use a height-adjustable or standing desk for other types of activities. So whether you’re writing or doing something else that demands long hours of focused work, be sure to get yourself a body-friendly piece of furniture like an ergonomic height-adjustable desk. You can also find more options here.

Cheers to a healthier workstation!

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Written by Rose DC

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