5 Swimming Pool Tips That Will Protect Your Hair and Skin

Most swimming pool water is treated with chlorine chemicals, which are used to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms that can cause infections to humans. These chemical agents sometimes are harmful to our skin and hair, although the effect is not seen or felt at that moment during swimming.


1. Shower before you swim

Taking a shower before a swim facilitates hair and skin to absorb as much water as possible, thus leaving less or no room for pool water to be absorbed. Make sure you’re good and soaked right before you go into the pool water.


2. Swim in an outdoor pool

An outdoor swimming pool allows gaseous exchange from the chemicals in the pool water to escape into the air, leaving less to contaminate your hair and skin. These types of pools create a large surface area of gases, which helps in protecting our eyes, sinuses, and lung. If you need to swim indoors, look for well-ventilated pools.


3. Apply hair oil and cap

Hair experts recommend that you apply natural hair oil like Coconut oil to your hair before going into the pool. This creates a layer between your hair and the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool, as well as helps to nourish the hair follicles as well. The experts also recommend the use of a cap while using hair oil and especially when your hair is chemically treated. This is the best way to protect your hair when swimming.


4. Apply skin lotion

The skin has a large surface area that is exposed to the environment compared to other organs in the human body. Cream on your skin gives you an extra layer of protection that ensures you are safe from infection. Apply sun protection if swimming outdoors and if swimming indoors applies an oil or lotion. This lotion prevents your skin and hair from the bleaching agent in the chlorinated pool water.


5. Wash after your swim

Wash hair and skin after your bath to get rid of all those chemicals hanging around your body. This prevents the compound from dissolving into your sick and thus prevent reacting with cholesterol. Although cholesterol can be detected by first check home cholesterol test, it’s advisable to wash after swimming since the reaction of cholesterol with these chemicals can lead to the development of cancer.  Rinse hair and skin with natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar. It helps get rid of another chemical agent in the pool water apart from chlorine. A quick wash can leave some chlorine in the follicles. Let the freshwater flow through it for five minutes or so.


6. Apply conditioner and moisturizer

Apply a protective natural moisturizing conditioner to your hair after washing, and apply a natural, profoundly moisturizing oil to your skin as soon as you step out of the shower. This will help you keep your skin and hair healthy, moist, and free from any form of environmental damages such as sun races.

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Written by David Nyoro

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