6 Healthy Habits to Form Before Your Next Birthday

Birthdays are unique opportunities to reflect and analyze our lifestyle choices. The fact that we’re one year older and still living like we’re in our twenties is a sign to change something. It’s time to take a few simple steps into the direction of living healthier and upgrade your lifestyle.


Spend time on personal and professional growth

When we finish work and finally reach our home, the only thing we crave is relaxation. In reality, we’re most likely to spend our time mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds until our thumb hurts. Instead, we should focus on personal and professional growth. It will take 30-minutes daily to focus on feeding your curiosity. Spend this time on reading, learning, researching, writing or even meditating. These activities will boost your cognitive power and build your skills. Learn something entirely new or upgrade your skills and you’ll be proud of your success.


Walk more

Getting to those recommended 10.000 steps daily seems frightening at first. But, the health benefits are worth the effort. You’ll be more energized, happier, less stressed and healthier. Walking is the first step to breaking out of a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, it’s not tiring and exhausting because you can do it throughout your day. Walking can be used as an activity during your recovery days and boost fat loss and increase cardiovascular health. Take regular breaks during office hours and walk around the office. Step outside whenever you can and walk around the building. Try to incorporate a thirty-minute walk into your evening routine to get the health benefits of walking.


Take a break from the stress

Stress is our daily companion, so we need to tackle it right so it won’t hurt our health. Everyone you ask is stressed these days, it’s like a widespread disease. But our health suffers when we don’t treat what’s causing it. When our cortisol level runs high, we feel sluggish, unmotivated and lifeless. Headache, sleepiness and general lack of positive emotions are one of the symptoms of stress. Before your next birthday, try to perfect at least five different stress-relieving techniques. A bit of self-care never hurt anybody so learn how to diffuse stress bombs. Journaling, meditation, arts and crafts, fitness, gardening, swimming are just some of the helpful ways.


Level up your health

If your birthday starts with a number three and is followed by a similar numeral it’s time to devote your attention to proper health checks. Regular yearly exams are a must especially when prevention is in question. Also, your dental health needs proper attention as well. Permanent teeth start to fall out already at the age of 35 and it’s something that can affect people’s self-esteem. Since this is something we can’t avoid, we should find the most suitable option and restore our smile. Crowns, veneers, partial or full bridges are just some of the dental solutions you can get at a professional digital dental lab.  Fix your smile with the most suitable option and restore your smile and your self-confidence.


Start your day with exercise

Morning exercise is an alternative solution for those who struggle to find the motivation to work out after a hard day at work. Instead, change your lazy habits entirely into energy-boosting habits. Wake up early, eat a nutritious breakfast, get ready and blast your day with a morning exercise.

Give your body a proper morning burst of endorphins by spending half an hour on carefully crafted HIIT session or gym routine. After the initial struggle to keep up with the morning schedule, working out right at the start of your day will be something you simply can’t miss.


Cook more often and control your diet

One of the reasons why we eat little but still gain weight is because we eat a lot of takeouts and fast food. These meals are rich in saturated fats and low on essential nutrients. Eating healthy doesn’t mean being on a restrictive diet. On the contrary, when you eat healthily you get to mix many different sources of essential nutrients and fuel your body right. Learn to meal prep and get into the habit of cooking your own meals. You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to do this. You just need to start and take your own diet into your hands.

It takes six steps to improve your habits and your life for the better. Even if your birthday is months away, start today and you’ll be thankful later.



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Written by Stella Ryne

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