9 Habits to Raise Testosterone Level

Work On A Weight Loss Regime

A high portion of fat content in the body can hinder the level of testosterone in the body. Start with your weight loss management to increase your testosterone levels.


Healthy Diet

Eating a nutritious, fresh, and healthy diet can work a majority of health problems faced daily. Fruits, green vegetables, dry fruits, etc. should always be a part of your diet.


Stress Levels

Stress due to personal life or professional stress impedes the health of the body in multiples ways. Using simple yet powerful methods like meditation can assist you to dispense with stress.


Check Alcohol Levels

Drinking unlimited quantities of alcohol can point to a reduction in the testosterone level in your body. Research shows that the body of determined alcoholics generates almost half the amount of testosterone in the male body.


Stop Carrying Cell Phone in Pockets

That radioactive box harmful radiation is killing your healthy sperm and cause fertility issues and lower testosterone level. It is suggested that radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) emitted by the devices can have a detrimental effect on male fertility.


Decreased Workout times

Study shows that if you are following an intensive workout routine that lasts for an hour on average then you might be hindering the production of testosterone in your body. Taking expert help to plan out your routine can be helpful for you.


Eat Brazil Nuts Every Day

Brazil nuts have a large amount of selenium, which has been associated with higher production of testosterone. These enhance semen quality, upbeat mood, increase energy level and provide other health benefits.


Get Enough Sleep

Get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep depending on the levels of your physical activity. This helps in keeping healthy testosterone levels, build muscle mass and bone density.


Have Healthy Fats

To protect both your heart and potentially your T levels, you must also guarantee that you are eating healthy fats. Eat foods high in monounsaturated fats, like nuts and fish.

You can try herbal supplements like Kaunch Shakti capsules which increase libido, raise testosterone production and keep the reproductive system healthy and active.



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