What to Wear for High Level of Protection – kn95 or Disposable Mask?

Whenever you’re interacting with someone, there might be chances that infected particles can transform through talking, coughing, or sneezing. Along with personal hygiene and preventive measures, wearing a face mask could be an effective solution to stay safe in public and risky areas like workplaces, laboratories, industrial applications, and other areas to reduce the exposure to transmission.

Due to the consistent spread of coronavirus, it is crucial to continue to embrace the fundamentals of social distancing, frequent hand washing, and wearing a face covering to halt the contamination. When you combine a face mask with these preventive measures, there can be a huge difference.

But what kind of mask is the best? How well a mask protects against viral and bacterial contamination? How well it seals your nose and mouth? This guide will take you through the efficacy of KN95 masks and disposable face masks you might consider to protect yourself and the people around you as well.

Which Mask Is More Effective – kn95 or Disposable Mask?

KN95 are Chinese standard-based GB 2626-2006 masks, they are approved by the USA government for usage. It is designed with 4 layers, including surface layer, inner layer, fabric layer, and particle layer which ensures to capture up to 95% of small airborne particles (approx. 0.3 microns). It is comfortable on the skin, fits perfectly over nose and mouth, and best suited for medical facilities.

On the other hand, disposable masks are loose-fitting gear, only designed for single use. It has a thin layered design that proves to be effective at capturing larger dust particles. They are basically used as a barrier between the wearer and large-particle droplets or splashes in the air, although they can’t block very small particles.

While face coverings do not halt particles in the same way as KN95 face mask does, they are now recommended as a convenient way of slowing or preventing the spread of COVID-19, especially when an individual is walking outside the home for food supplies and interacting in close proximity.

How to Select the Right Mask?

With endless options available in the market, choosing the best mask that will give you a high level of protection could be a daunting task. Whenever you buy face coverings or KN95 masks online, make sure it fits tightly on your face, leaving no gaps on the sides from where particles may penetrate through your mask. A good mask will not allow moisture, chemicals, body fluids, airborne particles, and dust to enter your nose and mouth. Additionally, always go for breathable material and layered design structure that works well for a long duration to filter out particulate matter.

Note: Masks are available in both disposable and reusable variants. KN95 and surgical respirators can be used repeatedly after sterilizing as long as it gets damaged whereas single-use masks like disposable ones must be discarded in a closed bin and replaced immediately after a single-use.

Any face covering should be worn in public settings such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and other areas where social distancing is hard to maintain. Also, don’t hoard the personal protective equipment (PPE) more than you need as it is important to reserve these for our medical superheroes and front-line workers.

Stay Safe, Follow Social Distancing Measures, and Wear a Mask!

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