What Not to Do After Dinner

Generally, the elderly people in the house do not have to take a bath after eating, ‘what’s it like to eat?’, ‘Do not drink when eating’. Is there any truth behind this or not everything is a superstition? The questions are also coming to our minds.

The tiredness of the tumor is also called. That is a baby’s sleep after eating aging. That’s good. But today’s medicine says that this kind of habit is bad for health. Depending on the food we eat, the amount of time it will reach will be different. Let’s see what food that you can not do before you can eat it now!

Sleep after eating:

This is a bad habit. If you do so, eating the food will go back to the throat without eating the bowl while sleeping. It can cause heartburn and bronchitis. They say that they do not go to sleep after eating.

Do not eat fruits:

Usually, fruits are unique. Other ingredients in the diet include protein and fat in the diet, causing problems in the sampling and heartburn. You can eat more than an hour after eating.

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Do not smoke:

Smokers will have to smoke when they have a meal. Smoking is harmful, and after smoking, smoking is more harmful

Do not bathe:

Generally bathing, body heat and blood flow will increase. Particularly, the active surface of the body (near the skin of the skin) is active blood flow. In such a way, when the blood in the stomach goes faster towards other areas, the sample will be affected. It is important to have regular blood flow in diarrhea. So it is wrong to bathe with food.

Do not drink tea

The acids in the tea can reduce the digestive tract. In fact, if you have a diet rich in protein, the acid in the tea can be accompanied by it. So, both of them will harm the calamity. Polyphenols and tannins in tea are absorbed by iron in the diet. This leads to a problem in food packaging. Do not drink tea before an hour before eating.



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Ali Muhammadur
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