Dry Intermittent Fasting Benefits for a Woman’s Health

Our nutrition is literally everything. It can be a powerful weapon of self-destruction or a magic remedy to bring you back to life – the question is what you choose to eat. A number of special diets serve as an effective treatment for different diseases together with medicines and supplements. Among the most diet-dependent health spheres is the women’s reproductive health.

A woman’s health is sensitive to many factors. Among them are lifestyle matters, stress, ecology, medications, and many many others. The treatment of gynecological diseases’ requires a comprehensive approach. Medications are included, but the correction of lifestyle and diet, in particular, is of crucial importance for improvement.


What’s in the Intermittent Fasting?

Dry intermittent fasting is quite an extreme diet technique that requires going without food for several days. It may sound dangerous to people who aren’t acknowledged in this subject but it really helps. This is how it works, especially with tumors:

1. In the extreme conditions of hunger and thirst, only the healthiest cells can survive. They have more abilities to adapt and are more resistible than the weaker cells.

2. The extreme conditions make the protective forces of the body activate to help it survive. This also provides an immunity boost.

3. The natural phenomenon of autolysis makes abnormal tissues dissolve. Harm from hunger starts only when all the body supplies are used up. The body saves those that are able to support it and rejects those that have little nutritive abilities.

4. The extreme lack of nutrition cuts the blood provision of tumors and causes them to degrade.


How to Do It Safely

1. Before practicing intermittent fasting, the first thing to do is to consult with your doctor. Such an extreme technique isn’t for everyone. Only someone who knows everything about your health can determine how far you can go, what term will be optimal, and if the fasting should be completely dry.

2. You can’t start fasting too quickly. This process requires a thorough preparation to avoid putting too much stress on your body. There are several stages for getting your body prepared for fasting. Each one takes a couple of weeks. They include:

  • Normalization of metabolism by maintaining a healthy diet
  • Adding antioxidants
  • Cleansing the digestive tract
  • Vegetarian diet

4. After you’re done fasting, you can’t just resume your regular diet right away. This will also be stressful for your body. You will need to gradually come back to your normal diet, just the way you started fasting. First raw juices, then fruits and vegetables, and so on.

This way, the body gets gradually prepared and cleansed to have all the benefits from the procedure. During this whole process, you should be supervised by your doctor and inform him or her about anything that may bother you.

This alternative treatment strategy shows good results as a natural treatment for fibroid tumors, endometriosis, cysts, infertility, cervical ectropion, and many others. It provides the best results as part of conservative therapy and helps to stop the growth of lesion or launches the process of its degradation.



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Written by Amelia Grant

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