Here’s how to ripen your green bananas within MINUTES and spread butter straight from the fridge

NO ONE likes a green banana – but with these tips show you how to ripen them far more quickly…Speaking to Mail Online, street food chef and YouTube star John Quilter advised putting the unpeeled bananas in the oven for up to an hour.

But another, quicker option is to use the microwave.Simply poke the banana peel with a fork, place it on a paper towel and microwave for 30 seconds at a time.

It will take up to two minutes to turn your banana yellow.But blasting your banana in the microwave will not allow the natural sugars to develop – which normally happens during the ripening process.

Because of this, your snack might not taste as sweet as usual – so Wonder How To advise only using this method for nearly-ripe bananas.Another common kitchen gripe is waiting for butter to soften after coming out of the fridge.

Some people blast it in the microwave, but this can leave you with a disappointing yellowy puddle.

Instead, you can use a cheese grater to soften the butter – and then it should glide onto your bread or toast.

(Source : The Sun)

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