How Coronavirus Spread In China?

The Coronavirus which has been causing problems for many people, not only animals but also has been disturbed, now it is creating a problem for all the world. People are going to die due to the Coronavirus, China has now managed & fix their own or management To destroy This virus but what will the other country do?


Doctor to protect Everyone from coronavirus


Doctors, who are all a quarter of this virus. He may go to the hospital the whole day so that everyone can be praised, but what should he do that he does not have anything in his hand because what he can do is because his vaccine is still in making, everyone is sad until the vaccine Does not Come to industry Till then nothing can be done. Due to this, India has not even kept it’s country lockdown so that it can protect its People from this virus. Coronavirus Delhi case increase ini due to this virus

Apart from India, Pakistan Also has done the same and has kept its country locked down, so that they can be saved because Asia may have some poor contracts, they cannot spend so much. Italy can not do anything even after being on 2 posts worldwide In health. So what do these Small countries do?


When Coronavirus spread?


this is a time when it started in January When people don’t want to spread this News about  Corornavirusvirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Meanwhile, When doctors tell other doctors about this new virus. Which is creating the problem in Wuhan. But police told them to don’t tell anyone that they make their mouth shut. Few weeks/ Hours The video was released, when Dr. Li Wenliang posted his story from the hospital via a video, he was seen as a hero. This video shows everything about this virus And the doctor’s response was unbelievable in this case. Until the second week of January, officials in Wuhan said cleared this virus was spread from some animals who have coronavirus in their body are infected.No warning was issued for the safety of the doctors treating the patients. But after a week, the police again contacted Doctor Lee. This time he was treating a woman for glaucoma. They did not know if they were infected with the new Coronavirus.

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Ali Muhammadur
Ali Muhammadur
3 months ago

very informative

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