How Elbow Pads Protect You From Injury?

Safety must be your prior concern before you start practicing boxing workout because, as per boxing rules, defense stands prior to actions. Elbow pads play an important role in providing safety in boxing.

Elbow pads are one of those boxing accessories that keep the boxer protected while carrying out boxing practice. These pads are padded and are used to be worn around the elbows in order to protect elbows from injury or damage. Other than boxers’ cyclists, volleyball players, skateboarders, hockey players, skiers, wrestlers, and many other such players make use of elbow pads for their further protection and safety. Aqf Sports provides good quality elbow pads that are durable and comfortable.

In addition to this, we would like to mention here that even soldiers make use of these elbow pads and wear them around their elbows. They do so in order to keep their elbows safe and protected while carrying out different drills. Keep reading the article if you want to know more about elbow pads, their use, and the benefits of elbow pads.


What are the types of elbow pads?

While classifying elbow pads into their types, we use the same criteria as applied in the case of knee pads; that says that elbow pads are also classified into their types as per the level of protection they provide. This is why we commonly hear two types of elbow pads the class 1 elbow pads and the class 2 elbow pads. Let us go through these terms and take an idea of what these terms actually refer to.


1.   Type number 1: Class 1 elbow pads

This type of elbow pads is specially designed to let the wearer avail the facility of partial impact protection and are known for the level of comfortableness they provide. These elbow pads ensure proper airflow that makes the wearer feel very comfortable.

In addition to this advantage, we would like to add that these elbow pads are lighter as compared to the other type of elbow pad. This is why these elbow pads have an efficient range of motion. People prefer wearing this type of elbow pads while carrying out skating practices.

2.   Type number 2: Class 2 elbow pads

The second type of elbow pad is almost everyone’s needs, no matter if one is playing in a team or he is playing as an individual. These elbow pads are required in situations in which there is a suspect of fall damage. These pads are usually required during competitions or sporting events. Other than this, they are also required while carrying out aggressive skating.

The unique thing about class 2 elbow pads is that they have large surface area protection that provides coverage past the point of impact. In addition to this, they have large straps and also are these pads available in sleeves, which provides the skater with better support due to improved balance.


 What are the benefits of elbow pads?

Elbow pads are very good to use specifically for those people who take good interest in practicing sports that include diving or sliding movements. Even people who do jobs can take advantage of elbow pads because a few times, they have to lean on their elbows for too long that ultimately results in elbow pain.

Wearing an elbow pad provides extra support and anchorage to the elbow and prevents the rise of this pain. We have come up with a few proven benefits of elbow pads that will surely help you decide whether you should wear one or not.


1.   Elbow pads prevent tightening of muscles which leads to pain

The most valuable benefit of an elbow pad is that it works as a great pain reliever. Muscles get tired when they are kept tight for too long. An elbow pad prevents this situation by keeping the muscles relaxed. At this time, your muscles take enough rest as per their need. Also, wearing an elbow pad will stop your elbows from undergoing any unnecessary movements.

2.   Wearing an elbow pad helps resist any chronic injury

Prevention is better than cure; that is something we have been listening to throughout our life. So we must take care of ourselves and avoid happening of any such injury rather than treating it later. If you are carrying out exercises that require repetitive overload on the muscles of your forearm, then using an elbow pad is quite a smart choice for you.


To Sum it up!

Elbow pads are necessary to be worn during practicing boxing workouts or other such activities that involve the use of the elbow. Protecting the elbows is a must in order to prevent any serious injury such as dislocation, tearing of muscles, or fractures also. Try using elbow pads in your boxing routine to have an even better and safe boxing routine.

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Written by Jacoob Steeve

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Ali Muhammadur
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