How to Increase Immunity at Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

With the increasing fear of the COVID-19, people are looking for ways to enhance their immune system. Forming immunity is a lengthy and complex procedure where organs, cells, and tissues work along with each other to safeguard our body from an infectious disease. Our unhealthy lifestyle has exposed us to an infectious disease.

People with some pre-existing health ailments like heart issues, hypertension, diabetes, and respiratory problems are more susceptible to having the Coronavirus complexities. Moreover, it becomes worse with age as the immune system gets weaker as you grow older. Young people with no pre-existing diseases can have a minor infection from the Coronavirus.

However, you must have a sturdy immune system and should not involve in activities like vaping or smoking for fighting the aggression of the virus. Before knowing how to enhance your immune system, let’s take a look at the measures to consider for protecting yourself from the COVID-19!

Ways to Safeguard Yourself From COVID-19

You can consider many precautionary measures to shield your body from Coronavirus. Here are some ways to follow:

  • Don’t get in close contact with anybody having a fever or cough.
  • Clean hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your face with a tissue or the flexed elbow while sneezing or coughing. And throw away the used tissue in a closed bin.
  • Wash your hands using water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Visit the nearest diagnostic center for COVID-19 testing if recommended by a doctor.
  • Don’t touch mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Look for instant medical care if you or anybody else is having a breathing problem, fever, and cough.

Useful Tips to Boost Immunity at Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

During this lockdown period, you can take care of your immune system and improve it with some useful tips. Discussed below are some tips to follow to enhance your immune system during COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

To keep yourself hydrated, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Staying hydrated will help you remove toxins from the body and reduce the scopes of flu. To beat the scorching heat, choose other alternatives like coconut water and juices made of citrus fruits.

2. Choose Healthy Habits

You must take Coronavirus safety seriously before following measures to improve immunity. Choose some healthy habits to abstain from the immune system getting more weakened. Such habits incorporate keeping your ear, nose, eyes, and face away from hands, practicing social distancing, and washing hands.

3. Sleep Well

Taking proper sleep is one of the most important ways to boost immunity during the Coronavirus outbreak. Every human body needs to repair and recover naturally during sleep. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, it will not only make your body exhausted and lethargic but also weaken immunity in terms of combating viruses like COVID-19.

4. Enhance Your Diet

Foods play an important role in deciding your entire health and immune system. Follow a low carb diet as it controls high blood pressure and sugar. Moreover, it reduces diabetic symptoms. Following a protein-rich diet helps you keep in perfect shape.

Eat fruits rich in essential vitamins, Ascorbic acid, and Beta Carotene and veggies daily. Some green veggies like spinach, broccoli, and foods like bell pepper, tomato, and mushrooms are amazing options to create resistance power in the body against the infections.

Moreover, you can take supplements rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for your regular dose if you cannot go out for buying groceries during the lockdown period.

A few natural immunity boosters are turmeric, gooseberries, and ginger. Some herbs that help improve your immunity include black cumin, Basel leaves, and garlic. Some nuts and seeds like melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, and sunflower seeds are great sources of vitamin E and protein.

Probiotics like Yakult, Yoghurt, and fermented foods are also amazing sources to revive the gut bacteria’s composition. And this is required for nutrient absorption by the body. These all are good choices for both young and old generations.

5. Do Not Skip Exercises

You must exercise daily to improve your immunity power. Don’t go for an intense workout during the Coronavirus pandemic as it can badly affect your immune system. Muscles and tissues break after heavy weight training.

Since your immune system needs to be stronger this time, you require extra nutrients for recovery. Therefore, you can better do light exercises instead of intense workouts. You can try stretching, Pranayam, and yoga at home.

6. Keep Yourself Stress-Free

Staying home for a long time can affect your mental health badly. The increasing anxiety around the COVID-19 pandemic is another worry that is impacting many people worldwide. Here are a few steps you can follow regularly to de-stress yourself:

Avoid Addictive Substances Like Drugs and Alcohol, and Smoking

Some bad habits like alcohol intake, vaping, smoking, and substance abuse can directly weaken your body’s resistance power and produce respiratory issues. Involving in vaping and smoking weakens your lung’s ability and destroys the cells ordering your respiratory tracts. These cells are required for combating viruses that enter through the nasal orifices.

Also, engaging in excessive alcohol intake can make you suffer from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome that is another symptom caused by Coronavirus. In case you depend on any of these, practice moderation. After all, sudden withdrawal can be risky.

Practice Meditation

Excessive stress discharges the hormone known as cortisol that impairs your response to instant surroundings and exposes your body to infections, leaving you feeling continuously anxious. Doing meditation is the best way to de-stress yourself. It calms your nerves.

Abstain From All Types of Non-Essential Travels

Maximum Coronavirus positive cases are imported cases and these cases spread later to the communities. So, abstain from being exposed to the public places and transport system for avoiding every possibility of exposure.

If you need to travel, ensure to cover your mouth and nose with a mask and carry an alcohol-based hand rub. Sanitize every time you touch a surface, as Coronavirus strain can stay on surfaces for some hours or some days. Remember to sanitize your door handles and bells as many people touch them frequently.

7. Laugh Often

Laughter can keep you healthy. It is the best way to begin your day. It improves the immune system, burns calories, safeguards you from cardiac issues, relaxes the body, and more. Hence, laugh louder.

8. Take Immunity-Boosting Foods and Supplements

Although the aforesaid tips will help you surely, you may need a rapid improvement of your immune system for combating the COVID-19. In case you are not getting proper nutrition from your diet, consult with your physician regarding a supplementation routine to enhance your immunity strength. Here are some common superfoods and supplements to help you boost immunity:


It’s an important component to While Blood Corpuscles that combat infections. Sometimes, zinc deficiency makes you more prone to cold, flu, and other viral infections. Hence, you should take a zinc supplement (particularly for older people).


This is necessitous for boosting immunity. It prevents the common cold. It works as a strong antioxidant and safeguards against damage made by oxidative stress. For excessive infections, incorporating ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and Sepsis, high dose intravenous Vitamin-C therapy enhances symptoms significantly in patients.


This is full of nutrients incorporating minerals like copper, iron, potassium and phosphorous, and vitamins like A, B, and C, and dietary fiber and protein. Elderberries have antiviral and antibacterial properties that help combat the flu and cold.


Vitamin-D supplements have a gentle protective impact against respiratory tract infections. Many people lack in Vitamin-D; hence, they should consult with the doctor regarding Vitamin-D supplementation for improving immunity strength.

Garlic and Turmeric

Garlic has strong antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that improve body immunity. Turmeric has a compound named Curcumin that enhances immune functionality.

Bottom Lines

The spread of COVID-19 has forced people around the globe to assess their immune system. During this lockdown period, we got a scope to choose some healthy measures and leave the odd ones. Albeit the doctors cannot recommend you any magic supplement or diet to make your immune system strong, these tips are a silver lining for enhancing your immune power.

While our healthcare workers are fighting against the Coronavirus outbreak, we can do our job by restricting our exposure to the virus by staying home, maintaining social distancing, staying hydrated, eating healthy, and following all fundamental hygiene protocol.

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