How To Stay Fit During Lockdown

“COVID-19” has shaken the world and brought in to its knees.  Countries all around the world have imposed total lockdown. Where you cannot go outside your house, we don’t have an idea of how long it would last. But staying indoor is the only way we can stop it from spreading, the best way to fight it is social distancing and staying indoor.


The lockdown means no going out and staying indoor but staying indoor on our couch or doing office work from home sitting in one place, which has restricted our mobility which would eventually result in weight gain. We all know excessive weight can cause high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity and what not. We all know all the gyms, fitness centres or jogging tracks & park everything is closed. To tackle this situation you have to start a home workout.


Home workout also comes with many perks such as no equipment are needed, it doesn’t take a large area while working out, It’s pocket-friendly, we are in our own space and list go on. There is the list of such workout which you perform at your home any time, what makes this workout special is it was provided by no other than Mr Olympia himself Mr Arnold Schwarzeneggar. We don’t need fancy equipment for that rather than we can use our own furniture as equipment.


Push-Ups-Push-ups is the most basic and most effective exercise we can do it anywhere for regular gym-goer it easy but for beginners, they can use their knees for support. The target muscles in Push-ups are Chest, Triceps & Deltoid muscle which are mostly known as Delt which is the rounded corner of our shoulder


 Triceps Dips-We all have seen people working on there triceps by doing triceps dips at Gyms and parks but with equipment mostly. But Terminator from the future won’t agree. All we need for this is just two chairs. We have to place the chair in front of each other but facing the opposite direction. Keep the chair apart from each other and put equal weight on both the chair or you can fall once that done you are good to go.


Inverted Row-For  Inverted row, all we need is two chairs and a strong even rod which can support our weight. Place the rod on the top of the chair and take the position by laying under the rod hold it with both the hand and the pull your body ups hold it for some time and then come to the first position, with inverted row you can target your biceps and delts it is also a good workout for people who cannot do push-ups


Sit-Ups-First, lie down on your back and place your legs under a heavy object like cupboard, sofa or your bed. once that done now put your hand behind your back of your head & slowly bring your upper body up and again go back down, but don forgets to breathe in and out.


Bent Leg Raise-In Bend leg raise we have to lie on our back in a straight position slightly lift your legs from the ground which is our starting position. Now bring your legs towards your chest while breathing in and once that’s done again bring your legs to starting position while breathing out.


Bent over twist-All we need for this exercise is a rod so even a curtain rod would do, so place the rod behind your head and hold it with your hand apart as shown in the picture and bend in a 90-degree angle so now move your upper body in the same way as we do the toe touch but keep your lower body stable. the target muscles are oblique which are located on our side of abdominals.


Pull-ups-Pull-ups or many know it has chin-ups for chin-ups you should have a strong rod in your house which can hold your weight when you’re hanging to it. For pull-ups hold the bar and let go of your legs off the ground and try to raise your body above the rod and now slowly come down but try to keep your body stable. If you don’t have a push-up the rod you can also do inverted row as it also targets your biceps and delts


Squats-Squats require a proper posture, you have to keep your chest out and when you are going down in squats push your butts outward and go as low as possible and then again raise your body but the important part is during this whole process keep your body tight.


Calf Raise-For calf raises stand on a slightly lifted surface now raise your heels so you’re in your tip-toes hold it for a moment and now slowly bring it to the starting position, it is a great exercise for our calves.


You can follow this routine or can find different blogs regarding home workouts, then there are various Youtube channels that provide various home workout or we can download various App from Playstore that can guide us through Home workout. One such App is Actofit health & workout. Through this app we have access to 500+ bodyweight workout, we have to just choose the workout level as per our preferences from Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. The best part about Actofit health & workout App is by the end of our session it gives us detailed reports on our workout with calories count and much more.



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