Note These 10 Tips To Make Your Home Healthier

Most of the parents tell their kids to stay at home for safety. However, do we realize that our own house can be pretty unsafe for children’s health? There are many safety measures one can take to make home a safer place.

Here are ten tips you can follow to ensure that your loved ones are healthy at home.

#1 Bring in water purifiers

It might be the most basic safety measure out of all but is extremely important for better health. The water supply in your house can be highly contaminated and bring many diseases to your family. There are many water purifiers available in the markets which include RO and UV. Make sure you know the difference between the RO  and UV water purifiers and accordingly choose the right water purifiers for home.

#2 Use home-made cleansers

People make their house viruses and bacteria-free by using cleansers that contain very harsh chemicals. While they help you to get rid of the entire gunk, they also leave foul smell and chemicals in the air. Inhaling these chemicals is extremely unsafe. You can use alternatives like baking soda, vinegar, salt and hot water. These ingredients are easily available at home and make for perfect cleansers.

#3 Get rid of mold spores

If you’re wondering where is all the wheezing and coughing coming from, you might want to check for mold spores. Most people blame the sneezing on pets and pollens. However, mold spores can cause major irritation to the nose. These can be avoided by making sure there is the least humidity in the air. Always check for leaking roof and taps.

#4 Wash your hands

No matter how much you try to get rid of bacteria and viruses in the house, there will always remain some unnoticed. Make sure that you wash your hands before and after every meal to avoid taking bacteria in your mouth.

#6 Watch your sponge

Another hiding spot for germs is the cleaning sponge that is used in our house on a regular basis. We often clean our kitchen tops and chopping boards with these sponges which might contain bacteria. Make sure you change the sponge every week or disinfect it with bleach.

#7 Get air purifiers

An air purifier is another electronic blessing that can help you get rid of any dust particles or harmful substances in the air. These air purifiers are easily available in the market and can be installed anywhere in the house. This appliance will ensure that your family gets to inhale pure air.

#8 Get rid of the lead

If you thought that oil paint and tap water are the only sources of lead, you might want to stay more careful. Soil can be highly contaminated by lead or other dissolved chemicals, salts and heavy metals. Make sure people take off their shoes outside the house. Newspaper ink is another source of lead contamination. Never start a fire with newspaper and always wash your hands after handling them.

#9 Do not consume chlorine

Even though water filters can help you get rid of all the undesired impurities in water, chlorine can still find a way to stay in the filtered water. You can get a water purifier with a charcoal filter which can help you get rid of chlorine. These charcoal filters can also be used on sink taps and shower heads.

#10 Get rid of stagnant water

Water gets accumulated in sinks, water coolers and other areas of the kitchen and breed enough mosquitoes to get you ill. Make sure you empty all the water coolers and containers that might have stagnant water.

All of us protect ourselves from danger outside our house and tend to neglect the health hazards inside. Keep these tips and in mind and make your home a healthier and comforting place!

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Written by Layla Tovey

I am a teacher and a blogger!

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