Using the Toilet: Four Things You Probably Didn’t Know

  • Using tissue paper to wipe your butt? You have been doing it wrong

I recently stumbled on this article on the Independent that really got me stoked. If you are a guy like me who has been using tissue paper to wipe their butt, then it is high time that you realized that you have been doing it wrong. All that time! Yes, after visiting the toilet and doing your number 2, you should not use a tissue paper but rather a wet wipe or even better, a bidet.

I know you are a little bit surprised by this and are in denial thinking that I am fibbing. However the truth is that a tissue paper does not do the job well and you will always be stinking and filthy even after using nine rolls. Rather than take out the debris, what the tissue paper does is that it merely pushes the filth. Try this:

  • Pour out some butter on a smooth table surface.
  • Then take a tissue paper and try to wipe the butter away.
  • The tissue paper will push the butter away to the sides or to a crevice if there is one. It does not sweep clean.

What does that tell you? That the tissue paper was never designed for butt wiping. If you take a wet wipe instead, it will pick out every little butter from the table leaving it clean.

  • Some people need tools to wipe themselves after using the toilet

Until I worked at the hospice, I thought that wiping your bottom should be a quick, easy process until I found some obese elderly people who would not be able to reach their bottoms after a number two. The administrator at the center had found them some wiping aid tools that helped them reach out.

The tools usually have a head that hold the wet wipe into place and a long handle so that the person can reach their butt even without having to bend. By applying a little pressure on the handle, they are able to wipe themselves clean. Afterwards, they press a push button that releases the soiled wet wipe.

  • Do not fear the toilet seat, fear the toilet plume

We have been schooled that the toilet seat is laden with all types of disease causing pathogens and that is why we always wash our hands after touching it. Well, the toilet seat is not actually that dangerous in comparison to the toilet plume.

Toilet plume is the dispersal of tiny faecal particles into the air once you flush the toilet. The plume can go as high as 15 feet and contains all those pathogens that you have been fearing to get from the toilet seat. It is therefore important that you replace the toilet lid before flushing.

  • In hospice caregiving, we wash our hands before using the toilet

We know that we should wash our hands after visiting the toilet, right? Well, in the caregiving profession, we also wash our hands before visiting the toilet. Why? Because we might have got into contact with germs while touching patients, on the patient’s hospital bed etc.

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Written by Kelvin James


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David Pyrega
David Pyrega

Thank you for this informative piece. Hygiene is a great pathway to good health

El Pipe
El Pipe

Different toilet but same sh*t

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