Why Are Women More Prone To Varicose Veins?

When we look at the varicose veins, it is common observation that these veins tend to be more among women rather than men. In other words, women are seen to develop these purple colored bulging, usually painful and discomforting vessels more as compared to men. It is usually because of the hormone named progesterone.

Progesterone is produced by both men and women however the levels of the aforesaid hormones are greater in women.

What is the relationship between the progesterone level and varicose veins?

Progesterone is known to regulate the menstrual cycles and maintenance of several other organs. However it also causes blood vessels to relax. Scientists say that when the veins are relaxed, the little valves that are there within the vessels also relax. Blood exerts the pressure as its flow pushes out on the sides of vessels and makes the vessels weaker.

So now as we know that women have higher levels of progesterone than men, researchers believe that it is one of the reasons why women tend to have greater tendency of having varicose veins as compared to men.

It also needs to be well kept in mind that progesterone is one of the main sex hormones in women and this yet again is another reason why varicose veins are more in women and not men.

Pregnancy and varicose veins:

Another major reason for frequent varicose veins in women is pregnancy. When they carry a life within them it pushes pressure on the pelvis veins. This increases them is size and ultimately it is damaged. There are several following reasons for this:

  • During pregnancy women undergo hormonal changes. Some of these changes lead to varicose veins.
  • Pregnancy leads to increased weight and increased blood volume. Increased blood volume and abdominal pressure also leads to varicose veins development.
  • In some cases, the varicose veins that appear during pregnancy improve with the passage of time after 3 to 4 months of delivery. However, successive pregnancies can cause swollen veins to remain enlarged on continuous basis

Estrogen and varicose veins: Increased estrogen levels in women are also a reason for more varicose veins in women. Women make use of the contraceptives which causes escalated levels of estrogen. It ultimately causes varicose veins.

Menopause and varicose women: Fluctuation in the hormone levels is indeed an issue during the menstruation and then menopause. It is again a cause that affects the walls of the veins.  

Good news is that these days there are varicose veins treatments easily accessible. Therefore, if you are suffering from this condition then all you should do is to access the reliable medical practitioner and get your condition treated. No doubt these veins are discomforting and need to get rid of.

As mentioned earlier too that usually these veins disappear after 3 to 4 months of delivery, so wait for this time period. If it remains there then you should worry and get in to contact with the medical practitioner to get these veins treated. If you are already looking for the treatment, you can rely on Complete Medical Wellness. Access our official site i.e. www.completemedicalwellness.com to know more about their services. Also you will get to know how they can facilitate you in treating your varicose veins.

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