5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Contradictory

This must be interesting, getting to find out zodiac signs which according to Astrology are deemed contradictory. However, there is nothing negative, it’s just that these signs will would say one thing and then do something totally opposite. Being contradictory comes with its share of people judging you, questionable credibility, immaturity, and other allegations that no one would like to have imposed on themselves.

Being contradictory is about having volatile opinions as opposed to not being able to decide. But people often think these individuals with such problems to have commitment issues and hence sometimes it gets difficult to trust this person. However, it just a conjecture and it’s upon your wisdom to decide whether you want to trust someone or not. Now let’s check out the 5 most contradictory Zodiac Signs.


Virgos have this unusual habit of assuming things like the entire world is ill at ease and uptight. And it’s on them to make everyone feel comfortable. Now when they decide to do something about it and start listening to people, their contradictory personality comes to the surface. They eventually realize that they are kind of uncongenial and it’s better to call the bets off. It was much better when things were all chaotic. They start disengaging themselves from those people instead which is why they can be considered divergent.



Water babies #Pisceans are another one of those dual signs who can be considered unstable. Despite the fact that they are insanely unwavering and dedicated, they are still very unlikely to come through with a commitment. They don’t like to upset anyone so they would just shower you with all kinds of praises in order to appease. But they are too unstable to uphold that promise and would completely fall out. Unfortunately, Pisceans can’t at times stick to their own words.



It’s ironic how a zodiac sign represented by balancing scales can actually feature on one such list which showcases most contradictory individuals. You can accuse #Librans to be outrightly unstable and having the habit of changing their decision without a prior notice. What’s even interesting is the fact that you don’t really know when you can count on such individuals because they can be reliable and at the same time they can’t be. Their contradictory behavior can be experienced at its peak in the matters of romance.



Unlike any other sign who would keep you on the hook all the time and still deny it, #Sagittarians have a different approach. They would be like go go go…till the very end and then be like, oh let’s drop the idea. This here is a sign who is so badly preoccupied in its own world of fantasies that don’t really know what’s going around. Instead of understanding the gravity of the situation, they would just honor their own comfort and get themselves out of it at the very last minute. So ultimately, they are people who would say yes to everything but ultimately end up doing what they always wanted.



Oh, the #Twins! Poor kids are born confused so it’s almost unfair to expect them to have a strong opinion on what to do and what not. Their much-hyped impression as an unreliable sign is very true. They have a dual personality and some frequent mood swings. It is quite difficult to rely on them.  At one instance, they might be all up for something and in the very next moment, they would completely change their stand. Geminis are indeed confused about what they actually want or what they stand for.

Source: https://horoscopelogy.wordpress.com/2018/12/13/5-zodiac-signs-most-likely-to-be-contradictory/

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