Astrology: A Way For You To Unlock the Mysteries Of Life

Most people think of Astrology as some sort of occult or mystic practice often used for predicting the future. And believe it or not, there are even speculations of it being a pseudoscience that has been definitively proven to be nothing but a psychological confounding.

Well, there can be all kinds of definitions and interpretations because it is a very complex subject. Horoscopelogy explains how Astrology is real and can be an incredible source of knowledge when it comes to guiding your life. This article will shed some light on how Astrology is useful for gaining insights into life.

For thousands of years Astrology has been guiding mankind onto a brighter path. By evaluating the celestial arrangement, astrologers can garner a profound knowledge corresponding to various human aspects such as love, health, relationships, etc. According to some ancient Greek scriptures, Astrology is a powerful tool to understand the patterns of the universe and actually take a peek into the future.

Now before going any further on how inspiringly terrific Astrology is, there are a few things that you must know. Astrological prognosis, for the most part, is based on daily horoscope and birth chart. A birth chart is an account of all the planetary positions at the time of birth. Well, you must also know that it isn’t a magic trick to change the future, it’s mathematics.

Through this chart, we can actually find out which life aspect is dominating at what point in life. This is an intricate and supremely complicated subject and you need to be a learned astrologer to decipher the messages hidden in these charts. Next, would be the horoscope which most of you might know is a set of twelve constellations each with different characteristics and behavioral features.

A birth chart primarily comprises twelve houses each with its specific significance:

First House: Ruled by Aries, the first house corresponds to personality, appearance, and temperament.

Second House: It is often considered the house of possession. Taurus rules this house.

Third House: The Third house represents ability to communicate and social skills. The 3rd house is ruled by Mercury and the sign of Gemini. 

Fourth House: Fourth House is a symbol of the home environment. Represents one’s family relationships. The house lord is Cancer.

Fifth House: Fifth House is about creativity and pleasure, one where you have fun. This is ruled by Leo.

Sixth House: Sixth house represents health and fitness and the corresponding constellation is Virgo.

Seventh House: This is the house of partnerships and the if this particular domain has a prominence, then one is supposed to be great at relationships. The 7th house in Astrology is associated with the sign of Libra. Its planetary ruler is Venus

Eight House: Eight is the mysterious house of sensuality and death. Although there is no correlation between the two. Scorpio rules this house.

Ninth House: This area of the chart corresponds to philosophy, knowledge, and travel. The house lord is Sagittarius.

Tenth House: Ruled by the father of Zodiac, Capricorn, the tenth house is considered the significator of career and profession.

Eleventh House: It’s the house of happiness and friendship. Aquarius is stationed in this house.

Twelfth House: The Final house on the wheel is the domain of enlightenment, secrecy, self-indulgence, and Karma. The twelfth house is ruled by spiritual and self-sacrificing Neptune and by compassionate Pisces.

So mentioned above are the houses that comprise the framework of the birth chart. Listed below are the entities that provide the complementary dimension to this concept. These entities or planets are what we can consider the premier influencer on one’s life. Take a look:

Sun: Considered to be the most powerful body in Astrology, the Sun is the significator of life, energy, and vitality.

Moon: Another non-planetary body which represents the inner world and the unconscious. Similar to the Sun, the Moon too represents energy but in a whole different way.

Mercury: Planet Mercury signifies intellect, thus influencing the way one thinks and communicates with people.

Venus: Venus symbolizes beauty and attraction.  

Mars: Mars is all about exercising prudence; understanding when to react and when not to.

Jupiter: Jupiter has always been considered the planet that represents good luck and abundance. It signifies opportunities that come our way as the byproduct of our destiny.    

Uranus: Uranus symbolizes unpredictability and thus can be considered responsible for surprises and unforeseen circumstances.    

Saturn: According to Astrology, Saturn is the living embodiment of discipline and custom. It guides every person to follow rules and live an ideal life.

Neptune: It’s the planet of hope, creativity, fantasy, travel, and everything beyond imagination.

Now as you can see, each planet and house has a specific significance. Based on their positions and transitions, you can figure out your entire life progression. It’s only possible through Astrology.


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