Astrology Explains Misleading First Impressions

Isn’t it surprising when you find a person you know acting completely contrasting of their personality? Someone who is often seen as the most reserved person in your office can be the most gregarious one in a smaller group. It can be astonishing that someone can be two different personalities at different times or different places. Interestingly, Horoscope and Astrology has an important role to play in such cases. As per the science of Astrology, such different behaviors in one single person is due to the difference in one’s ascendant and Sun Sign.

You might already know your ascendant, the sign that was rising during the time of your birth. This sign reveals about some of your personality traits which often make up the first impression on any individual. For instance, a person with Cancer as its ascendant might look too emotional and sensitive, and also the ones who take things too personally.


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