New Moon In Sagittarius Not A Good News For These 3 Zodiac Signs

For those who don’t know, there will be a new Moon just a couple of weeks before we bring in the Christmas and New Year festivitiesThis event will be observed on 6 and 7, depending upon the time zone you follow. For Easternand Central it would be around two in the morning and as per Pacific standard, it could be clearly observed around the midnight.


Having said that, this lunation will take place in the sign of Sagittarius. Now, despite the happy and jolly characteristics of the Sagittarius, this Astrological event is no way close to this zodiac. But hey, that doesn’t mean this lunation is something to be feared of. It’s not going to manifest any kind of bad luck for you so don’t dwell on that idea or lose hope. This is a Sagittarius season anyway and Jupiter is on your side.


But yes, everything has a kind of dark side to it so you can expect a few unpleasant events taking place. Besides, Mars and Neptune are in the mix as well so they will have their roles to play during this lunation, hence making you restless, egoistic, blindsided, and a little unreasonable. However, this influence will have its worst impact on three specific signs. Read the following to get a closer look:


Congratulations Cancer you have managed to make the cut yet again. This New Moon in December calls for your confrontational skills. We know you are not the kind of person who is best known for his/her ability to find their way around difficult circumstances but this month you have to. We don’t want to give you false hopes but this December you’ll find yourself in plenty of situations where you’ll have to talk to people, come clean on your part, or maybe even have to set them straight for something wrong they had committed. This is indeed going to be a tough or should we say, a tricky period for you fellas.  Also, you’ll have to deal with an overwhelming amount of responsibilities at work and at home. This may deprive you of time and consequently land you in bad shape. So remember to pay attention to your health and don’t overdo your part at work.


Well, Sagittarius has never been your favorite signs. And how could it be, because when you are fast asleep, Sags brings in the glaring sunlight on your house, causing discomfort! This is exactly what will be happening this month for you. Like everybody else, you too need an appropriate amount of rest and peace after you have toiled yourself for hours and hours at work but that doesn’t seem to be happening this time around. While you plan to recharge your batteries, the New Moon has something else planned for you. And trust us when we say this, there’ll be no time for you to rest post the first week. You’ll be so caught up in family and professional commitments that it will be practically impossible for you to take some time out for yourself. This isn’t going to be easy Caps but you gotta keep your chin up and make sure you have prioritized all your work so that you can manage to squeeze out some alone time.


You better get enrolled in those breathing lessons Aries because last three weeks of this month are not going to be easy at all. With your ruling planetary body transiting into Pisces early this month, we can actually picture you getting restless on even the most trivial matters. Your patience seems to have lost this festive season and this may be the primary reason for you to spend these holidays all alone. So if possible, do yourself a favor, and let others know how you feel before you get on board with an idea. Express your intentions, this way you’ll be able to create an invisible bridge between what you want and the reality. Most importantly, we would like to suggest you avoid getting into discussions this entire month because your deep seeded frustration will turn it into an argument, and that subsequently will only kill your holiday mood.

Apart from these 3 signs, December’s New Moon has something in store for each Zodiac sign. Find it out here December risk taker.


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