The Best Travel Destinations for Your Astrological Sign

Choosing your next vacation destination can be as simple as throwing a pen at the map of the world. However, picking a random destination is not always as fun as it might sound. Sometimes, you want something a bit more unique and personalized. With that in mind, why not pick a destination that matches your astrological sign? You’ve already read about the best summer-vacation destinations, but now, let’s look at some other options as well.


Aries are usually considered to be energetic, independent and thirsty for new adventures. They are not going to enjoy just lying around and reading a book – unless they are doing it because they are waiting for a bus to take them on a new adventure. National parks are always a great choice because there’s usually a lot of hiking and exploring, but if you’re looking for something a bit more classic, consider visiting Machu Picchu.

Peru - Machu Picchu


People born under this sign are thought to be loving and warmhearted. However, they are no stranger to self-indulging, and what a better time to do that than while on vacation. So, think about enjoying a luxurious hotel in some relaxing destination, like the Italian countryside where you can take photos of the gorgeous scenery, taste the local wine, and enjoy Italian food.



Gemini are known for being able to adapt to different environments quite easily. They are friendly, communicative, curious, but also easily bored. For this sign, the best kind of vacation is the one that includes visiting more than one destination, whether it is a tour across the USA, or island-hopping in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean - Sardinia


If Cancer is your sign, people probably see you as a real sweetheart – warm, family-oriented, empathetic, romantic, etc. If you already have a family, you should consider going on a family trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake. However, if that’s not an option, you can enjoy a vacation in a smaller, peaceful town, like Colmar in France.

Colmar - France


Leos are known for their energy and hedonism. They are only going to be happy is they are where the action is, which is why the most popular destinations like New York, Los Angeles, or Ibiza are always a great choice. They also like to be pampered, so if there’s a luxury, they are going to be happy.

New York


Virgos are very smart, and they like to pay attention to the details. They like to research, and while some may consider them to be perfectionists, this trait also enables them to know where to find the best food, drinks, tours, etc. One of the best destinations for them is definitely Paris because it is classic and romantic, but it also offers them plenty of chances to practice their planning skills.



Libras are intellectuals, and they find happiness in tranquility and balance. They like to visit destinations that provide them with enough different options, so they can never get bored. With that in mind, visiting Buddhist temples in China might be the perfect trip for them.



Scorpios are often very passionate and energetic, which means that in order to truly enjoy their vacation, they need to unwind.  They also love nature, so the perfect trip for them would be one that combines nature and adventure, like going to Canada or Alaska to see Aurora Borealis. If this is your sign, and you like this idea, there are many affordable Northern Lights packages that would suit all your needs.

Alaska - Aurora Borealis


Sagittarius is the sign of true travelers. They are very philosophical in nature, they love to stay active, and they prefer a complete change of scene when traveling. If this is your sign, you probably already know where you want to go next, but if not, think about visiting Iceland or Patagonia.



Capricorns are usually described as very ambitious, realistic, and calm. They don’t mind traveling alone, but they enjoy group activities as well. The best destination for them is the one that allows them to explore and have a sense of fulfillment, like Prague, for example.



Aquarius is the most independent zodiac sign, which means that they love freedom, alone time, and exploring off the beaten path. However, they also like going back to places they enjoyed. So, you can either go back to your favorite destination, or you can organize a solo adventure, like backpacking through Thailand.



Needless to say, Pisces love the beach. They are very sensitive and responsive to their environment, which is why they prefer peaceful destinations. So, think about booking an overwater bungalow in Fiji and enjoying your view.


If you’re looking for a perfect destination that will make your vacation memorable, choose a place that matches your astrological sign, and you’re bound to enjoy it.

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Written by Marie Nieves

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