What Happens When the New Moon is In Your Sign?

If you are a stargazer just like myself, I believe you too must have heard things like Jupiter in LibraSun moving in Aries, etc. But did you really ever feel like knowing about how a planetary body moving in an out of a zodiac sign is going to influence you. As interesting as this question may sound but not to my surprise, the answer would be no. No one really bothers about the algorithms when they can actually straight away jump onto results.


But let’s take a step back and ask ourselves, do we really need to know the significance of this phenomena? For one thing, it will enhance your understanding of Astrology and secondly, it’s fun!  But we need a reference point….

Since a New Moon is being observed on the 7th and 8th this month, i.e. December 2018, let’s check out how would it influence you when it’s in your zodiac sign. plus, it will add a whole new layer of excitement to this sadly ignorant lunar event.

Aries: It gives you a boost of fresh energy. A new moon in Aries is a like a new-found life purpose. However, it may also make you go overboard with the enthusiasm. You’ll attempt to do everything at once.

Taurus: Looks like the Bulls have put on their romantic suit on. A new Moon makes you want to spend most of your time with your loved one. Fine dining, vacations, presents, that’s all you would do. Watch out though, you may be ignoring other important things here.

Gemini: #Geminians would be out on a rampage to win the tag of ‘party animal.’ But don’t make the mistake of making too many promises.

Cancer: You would suddenly feel the need to have some time to yourself. #NewMoon for you people is like a red neon sign on the street saying ‘vacation.’

Leo: Lions, they would look forward to overloading themselves with work commitments. Because new Moon would make them so confident that they’ll take it upon themselves to create everything new and printed under their name.

Virgo: While other zodiacs would be embracing the alternate side of their personality, you guys would be conducting a cleanliness drive. This ranges from de-cluttering the closet to ending a toxic relationship.

Libra: New Moon for #Librans is a sign to start new partnerships and collaborations. It may include going out on first dates or brewing new business ideas.

Scorpio: Since you are always looking to go a step ahead of everyone else anyway, the New Moon in your sign would just be an extension of that attitude. You will look forward to mending relationships.

Sagittarius: When a New Moon enters in your sign, you’ll be looking to take on more adventurous stuff. However, while enjoying your freedom don’t lose sight of your professional and personal commitments.

Capricorn: New Moon for you fellas is like a combination of passion and efficiency. There’s a whole new version of you that gets switched on during this period. Don’t lose balance though.  

Aquarius: Well, you guys would be craving for something new and unusual. Something like backpacking across the mountains or learning a totally new language. But don’t tune out from yourself in order to do crazy things.

Pisces: The dreamy new Moon will sure spruce up the temperature in the room. It’s romance time for our water babies. However, it’s a slippery slide so watch out to not land on your face.

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