Trendiee is place for only the top and best content worth spending time on.

Yes, Trendiee was created for news, open lists, videos, pictures, memes, music, stories, poems, jokes, articles and everything that is trendiee.

When something is trendiee, that thing is hot. That thing is desirable. That thing is worth reading, worth watching, worth listening to, worth spending time on. That is what Trendiee is all about

So you can say, trendiee is the new definition of HOT!

At Trendiee, we have a small team of writers and creators who are always trying to provide content to keep our growing readership engaged and excited but we have to admit, WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE WITHOUT YOU, OUR READERS.

You can submit Stories, videos, pictures, open lists, poems, memes, jokes and whatever you create that is trendiee!

How do you do this?

First you have to register. To make this easy, we have enabled the options for you to simply register with your facebook, twitter or Google+ accounts.

But if you prefer the traditional way of registration. Simply click register

See images below for how to register or login.

To register or login simply click on the avatar icon beside “create”. Look at the image above where the black arrow is pointed

Once you click on that, this will appear;

This will appear. If you are already a user, you can fill in your details to login. If you are new, you can click on the facebook, twitter or Google logos to sign in via any of them. But if you prefer registering traditionally. Click on register at the bottom of the pop up

If you click on register, it will take you here;

Just fill in your information and confirm. That is all! Welcome to Trendiee!

To submit items (Stories, Open lists, videos, poems, memes, pictures, etc) is very easy!

Just click on any where you see the create button on the website!

If you have anything to share be it stories, open lists, videos, music, pictures, poems, memes and many more. Just click on any of the red create button you find anywhere on the website!

That will bring you to this page:

Once you click on create, this page will load. Right here you can choose what you want to share

To share an open list, click on open list.

Here is a sample o an open list, click here

With open list, you can share vital information with the world and allow other to contribute too.

For example, if you make an open list of ‘Best TV Programs to watch”. once you have listen yours. others can also list their and vote for the best!

Once you click on open list, it will take you here. from these screen, you can choose if you want to use image for your open list or videos. For image, just click ‘upload image’. Then either drag or browse and upload your first image. That will open more options for you to add other images, set a title and add descriptions.
If you are building an open list made of vidoes, Click on embed content. Then paste your embed code. Go to Youtube, facebook or whichever website the videos you want to use are, copy embed code of one of the videos and paste. It will automatically load it. Then will open options to add more videos, titles and description. Here is a sample of an open list made of videos, click here

Beside each item (Photo, Video, Mem) you will notice a up and down arrow. You can use this to vote for your favorite item on the list. The most voted item will appear at number one

Click on the arrow button beside each item on the open list to vote for your favorite item. The most voted Item will appear number one on the list and so on.

To add an item to any open list you see on the site. Simple scroll to the end of the post and you will see “ADD YOUR SUBMISSION”

Once you scroll to the end of the post and get to “Add submission” You can then chose if to add an image or embed content. once you upload, you will then add a title for your upload and description

To submit a news item, story, article or poem.

Click on Submit Story. Then type your submission and include any image if necessary. On the category, select ‘user submitted content and publish.

To submit a picture. Select Upload image. Then upload your image and description.

To Submit a video, Social media posts and other embedded contents, click on embed content. Then place the embed code wait or it to load. After that add your Title and description.

To create a Meme. Click on Make a Meme. Then upload your image and text.

To comment on a post, be scroll to the end of the post… then scroll past the first box of related posts and you will see the comment box. type your comment there.

To comment just scroll down a little bit beyond the end of post



You can create a list based article on too.


There are many amazing things to do with Trendiee. We will try to keep this page updated as much as possible!


If you have any questions/suggestions, contact us right away. Thank you!