8 Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal

Do you wish to travel? Ever seen travelers engrossed in travel journaling, perhaps with family members or alone? Anyone can travel around the world and note down your experiences. There several benefits associated with keeping a travel journal. They can be put into three categories; before, during and after your trip.


Before Travel  

  • Setting travel objectives

Writing down your intentions is a good way to focus your excitement and anticipation of your adventure. It is also critical for you to gather information in relations to maps, contact person and information about destinations

  • Journaling is a tool for self-discovery

This is especially critical if you’re a student. The travelogue can serve as an avenue for self-awareness. Travelling tilt us off our axis and set us in a crush course with our ordinary ideals, challenging our held facts and opinions about the universe. Travelling experience will come in handy especially to students undertaking their assignment online help. It will help you get more resources that you can add to your paper. It should be noted that, leaving home is in itself breaking away from cozy routines, convenience, comfort and complete surrender of control. Therefore, having an active travel journal while navigating the self-discoveries, ignorance, and facts that come with such an adventure is a critical opportunity for growth.

During Travel 

  • Meditation and special space for solace

If you had traveled alone, a journal keeps you company. Conversely, travelling with others involves sharing rooms, meals, rides, gears and lavatories which forfeit your privacy. But the good with is, your journal is a private property.

  • Great records for future reference

Practically, a travelogue is basically a vault of information that you wish to keep for quite a long time. There some few things you wish to keep – the name of that historic site in London, the artists you discovered in Las Vegas or even the location of a dreamy massage parlor in Jamaica. This practical information is something you want to remember but not share in your blog or emails.

  • It’s the best writing experience

Not all people love writing. Actually most people outsource such to online writing services. However, travelling can make writers of us all and keeping an active travel journal has the potential of making you a writer. What you will be surprised to know is the fact that, travelling provides us with endless material and inspirations making the writing of a journal effortless. Furthermore, is more like a creative pursuit that enables you to shift into your right brain, more so when you include poetry, sketches, doodling and collages of your trip mementos.

  • Creates connections when shared

A shared journal helps to create connection, especially if you’re travelling with a friend or your spouse. It can brings you together and foster a sense unity. The underlying benefits for such are many. First, by sharing the objective of a travelogue, you’re more likely to stick to the agreed travel plans and also write the journal together. Furthermore, you also have an extra insight on the travel experience that can be jotted down.

  • A wonderful avenue for handling travel stress

Travelling can sometimes derail you. On such situations, the travel journal can be your only solace. When you start feeling homesick or frustrated, you can draw strength from writing numerous memories of life.

After Travel

  • Personal souvenir for richer memories

After your travel adventure, the journal becomes a personal souvenir; something you can hold on physically, share with people and pass on to your children. Moreover, a journal will provide richer memories than a Smartphone full of selfies.

If you intend to travel and do not have a travel journaling guide, you can seek help from online writing service. You can get creative ideas for what to include before, during and after your trip. You will also get tips on organizing your notebook.

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