Best Way To Shed Body Fat

The importance of exercise to losing body fat has been emphasised and re-emphasised but many who have tried it have become disappointed for their adipose tissue deposits remained or even increase further, therefore, is high time the best advice is adduced here to aid persons concerned become plump and fit.

Medically, during an effective exercise, insulin does not rub lipids (fats) into the muscle tissue or rather does not work; but only become active in resting skeletal muscle. Simply put, insulin is released when we are asleep and their activity is to deposit body fat in muscles and other organs, hence increasing the level of fat bank – making us fatter.

Am I saying that we should stop eating so that we would not become fatter the next day? No! What I advise here is that we should be guided by a regimen I am about to propose. Note that is very much easier to increase in size and not so easy to reduce, an obese can tell better.

Without wasting much time, these are the things one should know. First and foremost, be aware that morning and afternoon meals are very necessary, especially, if one is not deterred by any religious or medical condition. Then in the night, one should take little or no food. If someone can not do without meals, take fruit long before going to bed so that the person will not feel starved and be tempted to eat; also, one would notice that the next morning, you would feel refreshed with sound mind and the faecal matter that would be passed out will be large enough – physiologically total disembowelment.

Secondly, it is also paramount to know that some exercises make us only fit but not plumpy/slim down. Illustratively, Anthony Joshua, a british boxer with Nigeria origin (Yoruba), is said to be increasingly adding weight despite the intensive training he does; does it mean that he does not exercise? certainly not! What is wrong here is his meal intake. that is why exercise and keeping fit does not mean the same thing.

In addendum, the most rapid means to thin out fat deposits is by ‘starvation’ but I do not recommend this because it is associated with hazards (mineral imbalance, weakness, syncope and possible death). In a nutshell, the time we take meal matters and relates to whether we add a pound of flesh or not.

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Written by Enya, Samuel


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