DIY: How to make Rosin at home


  1. Break down the plant material and try and mold them into a small rectangle. This is done to reduce any plant particulates that may end up in your rosin. Also, make sure to use buds that are properly cured and not wet or too dry.
  2. If using a rosin bag, place the plant material into the filter. We recommend nylon food-grade screens or a mesh bag. (This step is optional for flower, but required for hash.)
  3. Set the temperature on your hair straightener or press. Our advice: Start with low temperatures and work your way up.
  4. Place your bag or loose flower between two pieces of parchment paper. Use only as much material that will fit under the heating element. It is important that you leave a couple of inches of extra parchment paper on all sides to catch the rosin that is produced. You don’t want rosin to spill over onto the plates.
  5. Press the parchment paper with the preheated straightener or plates for four to 30 seconds. The time you need to press depends on the quality of your flower. Pressing firmly with the straightener laying flat like a stapler will generally yield better results. This may take a few times experimenting to get the hang of it.
  6. After removing the flower from the parchment paper, check the amount of oil. If you’ve got a low yield, you may need to place the parchment back under the straightener and repeat the process one or two more times.
  7. Once you have pressed your product, use a dabber to collect the rosin.
  8. Package or store the rosin for later use, or turn it into rosin taffy by stretching and pulling it, resulting in a taffy-like consistency.

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Written by John Nicolazzo


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