How To Invest and make money from Real Estate

By Kemfon Daniels

The United States exit from Paris agreement won’t affect your normal day to day activities, what will affect you is what you choose to do today and always.

We all desire good life, we all desire good things, best home, and every wonderful things that life provides.

But the truth is desire is not enough, your resolution “to do”  is what makes the difference.

Most times we don’t get what we desire or what we deserve we get what we work for.

If you ever dream of investing in real estate, the best time is now, let me tell you a secret I’ve discovered as a Real estate investor myself. One thing that keep us going apart from the massive profit margin is our desire to provide quality and affordable home to the growing number of homelessness people around the globe. Believe me, the story is very pathetic, i have seen and heard series of stories in my journey as a Real estate agent and investor.

Below are the three things you must consider before or during investing in Real estate.

1. Buy What you know

I have often stressed this item, because most people buy liability instead of assets, economic-burden properties instead of a recession-proof infrastructure.

But before you get into any real estate deal, make sure you research and know the history of the property you wish to buy, don’t just rush in because you think the price is right .

Buy only what you know, not just because of the price. 

2. Have an agent

When I first started this journey, I didn’t consider this a necessity, but as I grow slowly and understand the demographic of the investment environment I started appreciating the need to have a credible agent. Because apart from achieving the number one point I earlier mentioned, a good and a reliable agent can help you secure better and greater deal.

Moreover it is estimated that more than 80% of buyers purchase a home through a real estate agent. If you don’t hire an agent, you could be losing exposure to 80% of the buying population.

Don’t just do it alone, look for and hire a credible agent. 

3. Sell to people just like you.

Buying a  property is just one step, selling it ; is another  step. I’ve carefully avoided the issue of development here, hopefully, my next set of articles here will address that.

My advice is, don’t rush the selling process, except on extreme cases when you are in dire need of money. But even at that,  know who you want to sell to.

What drive progress and motivate success is the little relationship and links you build as you climb up the ladder.

Don’t just aim to sell, aim to build relationship, promote happiness and make profit.

On a final note, remember  if you are confused, don’t forget to call your agent. Enjoy.

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Written by Kemfon Decade

Real Estate Construction| Real Estate Sales| |Curator GSCUyo |Africa Rising|


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David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez

I have read through your article, very good, my interest will mainly be on development.. How to quantify building materials, I guess I will wait for it.. I trust you will keep your word

Stephen D
Stephen D

I have a property management company in South Africa, I’m just starting, one of the challenges face is with agents, they seem to be unreliable, the price they want to get is massive.. My first major job I had to give them over 20%, How can I Adress this?

Dan Norton
Dan Norton

Thank you for your article, I’m really interested how do I know a good agent?


Great post, the dynamics of investing in the real estate environment is something I’m equally looking forward to

That Ghanaian Girl

Very insightful article, I’m planning on investing in real estate in the nearest future.. Can you recommend any Firm in Tamale, Ghana?

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