Things that you should be careful in Deepawali Puja

Deepawali, the light of festivals is known to bring peace, harmony, and happiness in every front of your life. When this festival comes, there is a different type of energy that enters our lives with due celebrations and enjoyment. This festival is one of the most auspicious festivals of our country and is celebrated in many other parts of the world with due love and interest.

Deepawali seems to empower the idea of the right against wrong and the power of truth. This festival inspires us to do better in every aspect of your life with the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. However, there are some definite rules that are a part of every celebration and Puja which needs to be followed thoroughly to keep it intact and done in the most auspicious ways. Some of the things that you should care about too during the Deepawali celebration are mentioned below:

One should always wake up early, take shower and get ready at the earliest on the day of Deepawali and do not sleep too late to let Lakshmi shower her blessings on you.

Praying to Tulsi is never considered auspicious during the Deepawali Puja as Tulsi was married to Shaligram who was a reincarnation of Vishnu. Since Vishnu and Laxmi are husband-wife, one should never pray to Tulsi when praying to Goddess Laxmi.

This is also to be considered that the Diyas should be placed on the right side of the temple and not on left during the Lakshmi Puja with a bright red and yellow in it.

The less you make the use of firecrackers is better for the environment and your health, make sure you light up more diyas and let it stay out of our reach of children, pets and elderly people.  Deepawali is all about celebrating peace, so make sure crackers don’t kill that fun for you.

  • Offer only red or pink flowers to the Goddess Lakshmi as she is married and it denotes the suhaag or marital status of the women in the Hindu Mythology.
  • Both Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu should be worshipped in the Deepawali Puja as they as a couple can bless your life with more integrity, happiness and financial stability.
  •  While distributing the Prasad after the Puja, it should be taken from the south direction of the place of worship.
  • Before heading to celebrate Diwali, do eat your Prasad and let other family members too have it and then move towards meeting and greeting your neighbors and friends.
  • You should never keep your house dirty at the day of Deepawali as it is highly inauspicious to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and let her stay unimpressed with the place you reside.

If you also want to make sure that you are able to please the goddess Lakshmi in the most auspicious way and let her blessings stay by you and your family, become a part of Deepawali Celebration and Mahalakshmi Puja at today. Let your prayers to goddess Lakshmi speak your heart out with this Puja and get your wishes fulfilled with her blessings and support.

Enlist today for Deepawali Celebration and Mahalakshmi Puja on 7th November, 2018 and let the power of almighty brings ultimate happiness and bliss for your personal and financial life.

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Written by sanjit sharma

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