3 Healthy Things to do as you watch Russia World cup 2018

For the next one month or so, we will be glued to our TV screens watching as men battle it out in the soccer field for the word cup champions’ 2018 title. Ironically, the players will be working out and keeping fit while they entertain some sedentary people whose only workout will be change the TV channels and fill their bellies with one bowl of popcorn after the other. Come July, we will be so unhealthy that the same footballers who were entertaining us will not want to see us as they come back home.

We will then start running helter skelter looking for fat burners and paying exorbitant gym membership fees

Rather than go to such extents, here are three must-do things to do to keep healthy.

#1.Get some home gym equipment and workout

Working out does not necessarily mean going to the gym and lifting weights and doing some crazy aerobics. No, you can also work out at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is get some abs carvers for burning fat around your torso, a treadmill with a workstation where you place the laptop or TV screen you are watching the game from. Other than sit cozily on the chair, you could also sit on a swiss stability ball that has been found to have effect on your core muscles.

During the half-time breaks, do some house walking, arrange the house or run around the house.

#2.Take water as opposed to sipping beer

I do not know who started this habit but soccer and booze always seem to go hand in hand. Maybe it is because, soccer is mainly a man game and when you are watching the game with your boys, you at most times also want to rave and get a little bit wasted. So, you find yourself downing one bottle after the other and as you do so, you get more boisterous and noisy. Yes, Messi seems more agile when you are a little bit tipsy.

This however is not healthy. Booze could get you fatter and you are also at the risk of liver cirrhosis especially if you take too much of the drink.

Rather than take beer, down bottles of water or smoothies. Water is good for metabolism while smoothies help in detoxing your body.

#3. Nibble nuts not popcorn

Popcorn is nothing but carbs and if you want to live a healthy life, take more proteins rather than carbs. Why? It takes more energy to metabolize proteins and as such you will be burning more fats. At the same time, carbs are converted to glycogen while in excess. Proteins help in muscle building. During this worldcup, avoid popcorns like a plague. Instead take groundnuts, chia, pumpkin and almond seeds. They are loaded with proteins, zinc and magnesium which are good for your body.

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Written by James Njenga

You can find my male health blog at increasetestosterone.review where I write everything from how men can boost their testosterone levels, improve their libido as well as lose weight to gain muscles


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