5 Surprising Facts on Breast Enhancement Products You Must Know

Big, firm, and lifted breasts are not only associated with beauty and body shape but also one’s confidence. Research studies show that men find women with medium to large breasts pretty and more appealing. While these parameters do not matter at all to many people, there are those ladies that believe in them. As a result, they have turned to breast enhancement products to quench their thirst for a big bust. But then, is this approach safe and effective? Are there risks of using these products?

What are Breast Enlargement Products?

These products mimic the effect of human estrogen, which when in insufficient amounts results in smaller breast. These products promise to help you go up a cup or two. They claim to achieve pronounced results in only a few months. Depending on the company you choose, these products contain a different combination of herbs. For example, in Total Curve Reviewsthe manufacturer claims to use Buckwheat leaves, Blessed Thistle, Hops, and Damiana leaf among other herbs to lift and firm your breasts.

A survey shows that 70% of women are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. They are numerous factors that attribute to small breast such as hormonal changes, genes, and your metabolism. To achieve the desired size of your breast, you might want to consider enlargement products; be it tropical products or dietary supplement. You might be dreaming of increasing your breast size and thought of breast enhancements products, then here is what you should know before trying the products.

1. Herbs used might have undesired effects 

Most herbs used in breast enhancement products are dandelion, wild yam, fennel, saw palmetto, Greece, chaste-tree berry. They all play different roles in firming, lifting, and increasing your breast size. However, while they are believed to alleviate many symptoms, they can cause undesired effects on your body. For example, dandelion root extract may affect your digestive system negatively causing diarrhea and stomach inflammation. Don quai, which has been used by China in ancient times to treat and relieve symptoms such as menopause hot flashes, is a known carcinogen.

2. They existed in the ancient times

Breast enhancement herbs were invented long time ago. Use of herbs to enhance women’s form dates back to ancient times. Today, breast enhancement products are the latest advancement in neutraceuticals. The only difference is the methodology used today and that used in the ancient times.

Some of the herbs that are rich in phytoestrogens used in the ancient times saw palmetto, fennel, fenugreek, dong quai, etc. they were not only used to enhance the breasts but also to deal with menopausal symptoms such as morning sicknessabdominal pains, hot flashes, etc.

3. The product label is more important than the brand name

All branded products have labels that help you to choose the right product. The label contains all information about the product including the ingredients used, expiring date, quantity and quality of ingredients, usage instructions, and of course the brand name.

When picking an enlargement pill, take two or more different products. Compare the components of the products and the concentration of each ingredient. Depending on your concern, this is one of the best ways to landing in a good product. Besides, it will help you feel confident when using the product. Most Breast Actives Reviews highlight that it is an effective breast enhancement product in the market. This includes their ingredient list that contains wild yam, dandelion, fennel seed, fenugreek, and dong quai among others. 

4. They require preservatives 

Preservatives are substances used to increase the shelf-life of a product. They can be either natural or synthetic substances. They are meant to prevent any growth of pathogens in your product, which might affect the consumer. Also, they combat any chemical change in your product as it contains a mixture of many components.

It is important to check on the preservative used on the product. Although they extend the product effectiveness duration, some might cause harm to your skin or body. Preservatives such as parabens can be allergic to your skin, comedogenic, or carcinogenic.

Ensure that you are keen when checking the product’s components. However, some components might be hard to understand. Therefore, you have to carry out extensive research before looking for a breast enhancement product.

5. They expire after some time 

Both tropical and dietary breast enhancement formulas expire after a duration of time. Although they contain preservatives, they do not remain effective forever. Therefore, it is necessary to take note on the date at which your product expires.

Expired products will have no positive effect on your condition and some might wreak havoc on your body. Fortunately, most brands state the lifespan of their products. In case you have doubts, you can detect an expired product through a change in color, texture odor, or taste. Some products might lose effectiveness or go bad before their expiring date depending on their storage condition.

Ensure that you follow the instructions given on how to store your product properly. Most brands advise their customers store not only the breast enhancement products but also other topical products and supplements in a cool, dry place. Factors such as heat, moisture, etc. might accelerate the ineffectiveness of your product.


Breast enhancement products have of late become popular with a substantial percentage of females wishing to have a bigger bust. It is considered cheaper, and safer as compared to other methods such as surgery or equipment-based treatments.

While modern beauty standards dictate that beautiful women have a large bust, many people do not agree with this parameter. However, there are those ladies whose bust size really matters. They can go to extents of taking pills or getting breast implant in order to bid, firm, and lifted breasts.

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