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I will start today by giving my apologies for my writings, my sincere apologies to every single person who reads this blog and does not meet rhyme schemes. I am just an apprentice learning from my teachers notes. I also want my writings to be understood by people “who have no shoes”, by people who cannot afford quality education because their parents are not rich like yours.

Truth is my parents are poor people, my Dad is a retired bus conductor and my mother’s skill is cooking, so you can bet I cook better than you. Meals cooked using firewood taste better than that which you cook in your glass houses using gas cookers. That is something I learnt form my mother, am sure she was passing on an advice her wretched parents gave to her.

Let me not derail I promised to share some gossip with you from the court room.
Today I saw a Judge flaunt the rules, he tried to make it work. The Judge obviously wanted the petitioner to lose the case, he held several pre-trial conference in a bid to reconcile both parties but the petitioner was adamant. The petitioner wanted the marriage dissolved because the woman is now too academically backward for him, considering his position in life, and some other bedroom related reasons.

After the court rose, the respondent went to the Judge’s chambers to speak with him.
I watched the woman from a crack in the Judge’s door, she was weeping, she told him.
“My lord, I have endured 5 abortions for this man before we got married.I have gone through difficult child-birth, some which almost took my life but am glad I have beautiful children to show.I have stood by this man from our university days till now he seems to be larger dan life”.

“I have been a faithful wife, constantly treating myself of sexually transmitted disease (s) he had given me freely.I have been a good mother, I quit my Job and let go my career to ensure I am always there for my children”.
“I began to watch porn with him so that I can take up a role later at night, only to have different men sleep with me in my dream, you see these pornographic stuffs come with their own devilish influence.I have endure sitting on hot water after each round of sex so to be able to walk the next day. I tried to please him.Some days, I would be hung from a fan for hours while he pounce on me screaming as if all of the world was coming to an end”.

“He wants to leave me because am no longer as smart as I used to be. I have not had the time for self-improvement. I have spent years making food and warming his bed. We built his business empire together, I sacrificed for us to service loans, I wore inferior clothes for him to invest his profits. I know I cannot match the standard of the “fake” women he carried about. I just want a roof over my head, he will kick me and the kids out”.
“My Lord, I know I may sound silly but I still love him, I want our marriage to work, please do not grant him a divorce please, what would the society say? They will give my children names. I have given up my life for him”.
“Please help me”.

The Judge took a long look at her and said “I too have been through a divorce. She did not leave me, she killed me first before doing that. She brought men into our home while I sat here presiding over cases and writing Judgements. She tried to poison me twice that’s why I have a bad eye” he pointed to his left eye.

“She would beat me at the slightest provocation, I tried to fight back by begging her sometimes to please quit her bad ways and that would earn me an empty plate of breakfast and dinner, constant nagging and no sex”.
“This was the routine of my life up until this morning, my lawyer just called to say the Judge had ruled in her favour”.

“Tonight I have no home or house to go back to, I have no children to kiss goodnight, she took them away. Am an old Judge trying for the past five years to do Justice in other people’s lives while mine is a bed of injustice”.

The Judge secretary walks in and I have to adjust on the chair, so it won’t appear I was peeping.
I will go back to court on Friday, hopefully their fate will be sealed.
As I gossiped about a woman’s family woes to you, tomorrow it will be your turn, I will share your gossip.
If you wish to claim you do not gossip I will give you three instances which you have been an active “backbiter”

About The Author
Girl From The South is a serial Entrepreneur, Legal Researcher and a story teller. You can connect with her Here

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