Expert claims parents should ask babies for permission before changing their nappies

Consent is an important thing to get the hang of in many different situations. One situation that many of us never thought we’d need consent in, though, is when changing a baby’s nappy. However, a sexuality expert has claimed that we should be asking babies for their permission when changing them, in order to forge good communication habits in later life.

Sexuality educator, author, and speaker Deanne Carson was on ABC News speaking about her work. There, she said to the newsreader that she works ‘with children from three years old’ and ‘with parents from birth’. It may sound completely crazy, but Deanne does note that she doesn’t expect a baby to reply to this request, and it’s more about fostering a lifestyle where a child’s opinion and answers to questions like this matter in the home.

As expected, it’s started quite the conversation online. @MarkJC1463 said, ‘What next. Getting your dogs permission to take them out for a walk’, @ToppaCa said, ‘Stop the world I want to get off’, and @jogehudsmigos ‘How long do you allow a baby to wallow in their own filth if they decline?’ Basically, it’s not gone down too well for Deanne. It’s important that this debate has been started, though, since we’re all more conscious than ever about how we can educate our children on consent. What do you think?

Source: Metro Uk

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