How Our Grandparents Love Us Every Single Day

Growing up, I never believed I would ever lose my grandparents. They both had countless health issues and somehow, they always made it out alive. Until they didn’t. It was then that I realized the life I once knew would never be the same.

Grandparents are the greatest treasures in our family. They would easily do anything for their grandchildren, and teach us how to really appreciate every moment of life. There are so many ways that our life would be a little empty without them.

They provide a sense of hope when you are hopeless. 

They give you a sense of direction when you become lost. They have this unconditional love and selfless nature in them. They’d do anything in the entire world to take away your pain, even if only temporarily.

When my grandparents were no longer by my side, I became lost in a world with too many directions to go and no one to guide me. I probably went in every direction except the one they would’ve suggested I travel.

They’re always your cheerleaders…they’re on your side and in your corner every step of the way.

They call you to see how final exams went or how your basketball game was. They make sure you are okay and always ask if there’s anything they could do to brighten your day.

They have so much wisdom from another generation…a much less selfish one than we currently live in. 

They make you see the good in people regardless of how badly you’ve been burned by others. They offer a different perspective of the world as a whole. They help you see that others may not have the same beliefs and values as you, but that there is always something you can learn from them.

They’ll always be your best friends.

They give you the best memories with so much laughter, happiness, and life lessons. They will go to all of your events, shows, and games with such pride it’s impossible not to start smiling. They brag to their everyone before they leave too!

They make you feel safe in such a toxic and dangerous world.

They’d do anything to shelter you from any pain and sorrow you experience as you make your way through the world. They want you to stay little just as much as we do not want them to grow older.

The anniversaries of their deaths never come easy regardless how long it has been. I still remember their laughs and I still have the memories I was so lucky to have made with them.

Had I known what I know now when I was a kid, I would have been more grateful to have my grandparents in my life. I wouldn’t have acted as if losing them was never going to happen.

My grandparents gave me strength and courage to be who I am today and I’m eternally grateful to them. 

While I may not be the same person I was when they were around, they’re still my inspiration and motivation to achieve my goals, knowing they’re looking down on me wishing they could tell me how proud they are of me.

Knowing they’re watching over me is all I need to keep striving to be successful and be the best person I can be today.

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Written by Brittney Lindstrom

I am a mental health counselor and certified rehabilitation counselor. I am currently in my doctorate program for organizational leadership and behavior. I have been writing for over 7 years now.

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I was not fortunate to meet my grandparent but at least i cherish those that have

The Sport guy

sorry, i had a strange relationship with my grandmother for about a year but im glad i was able reconcile before we lost her

Shelly F
Shelly F

I had a very interesting memory with my late grandparents, they affected my life in many ways, i can and will never forget them

That Ghanaian Girl

My grandmother always brag about me on so many things, that has really motivated me…

“They give you the best memories with so much laughter, happiness, and life lessons. They will go to all of your events, shows, and games with such pride it’s impossible not to start smiling. They brag to their everyone before they leave too!”

Shelly F
Shelly F

Please, help, how do i register as a member of Trendiee, i am enjoying this community, but i cant register

Abel Udoekene

awww… we will be happy to have you with us, i cant wait to engage with you. i’ve just responded to your email, please activate the link in your email and you are set to share your experience and help others succeed.. cheers!!!

Shelly F
Shelly F

Thank you so much, i will.

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