I hope you can always remember this “There is no price tag in life, but you have to work hard”

Today as i celebrate my birthday, I just want you to know this. Few years ago, I was just like a little boy. i crawled, i struggled, i cried but today i am a man. Few years ago, I was always wishing to go to school, then somehow i did, today I’m a graduate. Few years ago no one would have given me a chance but today am a teacher, a leader and an inspiration to many.

Its hard to believe that with just a few years you can be different and make a difference in life. As a teacher,I meet different children with different talent and potential everyday and i can tell you clearly that few years from now, they will change the World for better

I want you to know this, there is no price tag in life but you have to work hard. Investing in education is the best, no matter how you see it. Always aim to develop, grow and build yourself to make a difference in life… Education is everywhere, you just have to be open and learn.

Thank you for reading.

Happy birthday to me

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Content Editor

happy birthday, thank you so much for being here

Carrie Dobson

Happy birthday…


Happy birthday.

Simon Nicholls

Happy birthday, blessings

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