How to tell someone’s worth

By Tiffany Sun

Most of us judge people’s worth based on what we see and hear.

The car they drive.
The job they have.
The skills they acquired.
The color of their skin (more often than not).

We look at these teeny clues to tell us whether someone will succeed in life, and whether they’re worth pursuing a “serious” relationship with.

After all, don’t we all want to bump up our status, wealth and lifestyle?

Little do we know though, there’s one factor we often miss that shows someone’s worth even better. That’s…

How much they create vs how much they consume in a day. Everyday.

Let me explain.

When someone creates, they bring something useful to the world. Maybe it’s a story that makes people cry, a photo that fascinates the mind, a video that educates people, an app that speeds up productivity.

Whatever it is, somebody is acknowledging their work. Somebody is considering them for future opportunities.

Sooner or later, if they keep persisting, they’ll hit it off.

That could be thousands of fans, thousands of dollars, thousands of users.

That’s more impressive than someone who owns a mansion but sleeps all day, because at the very end, creators keep hustling. They keep innovating. They keep redesigning the world with their creative talents, so ordinary people all across the world can enjoy a more fruitful life.

“The happiest people don’t have everything in life. They justkeep creating situations that bring happiness everyday.”

So next time you evaluate someone’s worth, don’t just look at their Cartier watch or perfectly polished resume.

Ask what they do in their free time. How they spend their weekends. What project they’re working on.

If their answer is anywhere close to laying on the couch, well….so be it.

But if they say they whipped up a cool idea for their business or pushed out a new product on the market, they’re worth a thousand times more than someone who mindlessly consumes all day.


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Written by Xi Wang


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