Husband moved next to dying wife so he can hold her hand during

By Fiona Parker,

Livelong lovers Beatrice and Bert Whitehead share their last few hours of life together holding hands and enjoying a glass of prosecco after hospital staff moved them into side by side beds. See Ross Parry story RPYBEDS: A devoted couple who have been married for a staggering 67 years have had their hospital beds moved side by side so they can spend wife Beatrice's final days together. Brave Beatrice Whitehead, 87, has been battling bone cancer for six years and recently decided to decline any further treatment for the disease. The great-grandmother was taken into the Royal Bolton Hospital, Gtr Mancs., four weeks ago and, just a few weeks later, her husband, Bert Whitehead, 90, fell ill and was also admitted. Now the childhood sweethearts have had their beds moved by hospital staff and are side by side as they see out Beatrice's last moments in a move daughter Suzanne Hall has described as "wonderful".

An elderly cancer sufferer will spend her final days with her husband of 67 years at her side, thanks to generous hospital staff.

Beatrice Whitehead, 87, was diagnosed with bone cancer six years ago.

But she recently declined to have any more treatment for the disease and was admitted to the Royal Bolton Hospital, Greater Manchester, four weeks ago.

Not long after, her husband Bert Whitehead, 90, fell ill with a chest and water infection and was admitted to the same hospital.

Now thoughtful hospital staff have moved the childhood sweehearts’ beds so they are side by side, a decision that daughter Suzanne Hall has described as ‘wonderful’.

The couple celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary in 2015 (Picture: Ross Parry/ SWNS)

Suzanne, 52, from Farnworth, Great Manchester, said: ‘I can’t thank hospital staff enough for putting them together like this and for allowing them to be on the same ward.

‘The staff on wards C2 and B3 have been incredible.

‘It’s made this heartbreaking situation so much more bearable for our family.’

Mr and Mrs Whitehead first met when Beatrice was 15 and Bert was 17.

They married in 1950 after Bert had finished his national service and went on to have four children, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

The couple enjoy a glass of Prosecco (Picture: Ross Parry/SWNS)

Suzanne said: ‘They have been together forever and we’ve all had a wonderful life.

‘I couldn’t have wished to be born into a better family.

‘Mum has been struggling with this cancer for six years and she’s had enough. It’s become too hard.

‘When she was offered a further round of treatment, she declined but when she went into hospital, my dad started going downhill – he was eventually admitted with a chest and water infection.

‘You could tell he couldn’t cope without her.’

The couple’s wedding day in 1950 (Picture: Ross Parry/SWNS)

‘It’s right the two of them should be together – she only has a few more days to live.’

Beatrice worked as a tailoress before she retired, while Bert was a driver.

They spent many years going dancing together, a passion they both shared.

Making the most of their final days together, the couple have drunk Prosecco together in the ward and held each others’ hands.

Suzanne said: ‘It was the hospital’s idea to move them next to each other – we just wanted them on the same ward at  the same ward at first.

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