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Moving Back With Your Parents, Still Killin It At Life

After having been on our own, most do not want to go back to living with their parents. There’s a sense of individuality you feel at risk of losing. The freedom and ability to be by yourself or spend time alone are coming to an end. But not really.

First, you need be grateful you even have the opportunity to move back to your parents. Not everyone does.

Try to think of it in a positive light and think of the things you’ll be able to do when you move back. Maybe it is working on your finances to make sure you’re financially educated when you move out again. Whatever the case may be, approach it with a badass attitude. You’ve already proven yourself that you can make it on your own so you got this.

Yes, It’ll be a challenge but well worth it, so drill this into your head every chance you get, it’s an opportunity rather than a setback. Don’t allow yourself to cause negativity in your mind.

Some parents are overbearing and others are more avoidant but having time to bond with your parents no matter what type of relationship you have with them is priceless. You’re lucky you even have parents to go back to, so take this time to savor every moment with them.

You being at your parents for a while can also give you a chance to downsize and get rid of things you’ve been hoarding over the years. Less is better, so try it out and you’ll see how you start appreciating the little things even more.

If we all took a step back and thought about others and how their circumstances may be worse, it helps put things into perspective a little bit. Perspective is sometimes what we need in order to be more in touch with those things that really matter in our life. You’re just starting a new chapter in your life, so this new experience will boost your resilience, which down the line will help you overcome any future obstacle.

This is also an opportunity to show your parents on a daily basis how much you’ve grown as a person. Parents love to see how far you’ve grown. The best gift you can give your parents is to show them how good of a job they did with you.

You have control over what this opportunity can be for you, it can definitely be a positive turning point in your life. Think about it in a way that enhances your life and makes it better.

Understand that this isn’t the worst thing in life to happen and that it is temporary, so cheer up and go make the best of it.

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Written by Brittney Lindstrom

I am a mental health counselor and certified rehabilitation counselor. I am currently in my doctorate program for organizational leadership and behavior. I have been writing for over 7 years now.

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Real King

Remember leaving home at 21, lot of emotions, doubts and fear of the unknown but it only lasted 3 months after that I never wanted to return again

Abel Udoekene Jnr

It can give you some moments to reflect and clear your head. Family is a good


“First, you need be grateful you even have the opportunity to move back to your parents. Not everyone does.” Very true

Alexander Citrus
Alexander Citrus

It’s a nice idea, iw I’ll give it a try maybe just for a few weeks

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

Personally, I love t be around my parents but I not sure I will like to be a burden to them. If I’m moving in, am going in with my wife and children,. Don’t think they can handle the pressure. I only visit for weekend

If they ever look down on you, pause and read this.

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