My Life, My Choice

By Searching For Love

I will know a good lady when I see one. Trust me, I have seen the worst. I have tried to find love this past few years, and because love is always hiding from me,lust has become a very good companion.

My story started when I was in my mother’s womb. I had always fancied those little pampering from my parents and my siblings so I believe true love is that of pampering.
As a child, my parent gave me everything except self confidence, they took it away from me when they didn’t allow me to understand women at a very early age.

“How do you know when a lady loves you?” I have asked that same question a thousand times, is it in her looks, her thoughts, her words or her actions. But the answers I find are quite so funny. My mother only mention loving the right person to me once. She told me “Branson, good women are hard to find, but not all women are good” her words were always so confusing but since I was a fan of everything romantic movies, I never really bothered about anything, I always believed when the time was right I will find love.

“When is the right time to love or find love?” I never really asked myself that question and I have never believed love will be so hard to find.
I have dated 4 different ladies in the past one year, by dating I mean, going out together,talking,buying her gift, nothing more,nothing less. But they will seem so eager at first, then at some point, they will start showing character. Where did I go wrong? “Your words and actions hold promise, but you need to be a good player” A Therapist once advised me. But how can I play love?

My dad always told me, “if you can make her your friend, then the rest is easy.” But it not that easy. Women don’t need love, their demand is much more than love. They expect you to know their desire, their thoughts, their feelings and everything about them, yet they care so little about your beliefs. They expect you to buy them all the expensive gift, took them to the best places, yet they care less about whether you have money or not.

Not all women are bad. I know, but I have met at least 20 wrong ones who are very interested in stuff not me. Funny as you may see, I am not a confused man, I’m just a man who believed so much in love, joy and happiness but I’m just lost in this quest to find true love.

Two weeks ago, I find this lady as I was stepping out from a shop in Flushing Queen, she called me by my first name, I was shocked, I have never met her before.
“You dated my friend once, you are a good man, I just want to say am sorry for what she did to you, it was my fault not hers, I told her to leave you and I’m so sorry” her words soften my legs, my mouth and dim my eyes.

I tried to remember her and her friend but my memory was too short, she didn’t tell me anything more, she just left me there thinking and hoping that somewhere somehow I will find love waiting for me.

My life is my choice, that the stuff I have learned this past few years. As I continue my quest to find love, I believe the World will be better if we are honest with ourselves.

We will talk again soon.

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Searching for love is a young man with dreams, who believe so much in love and is on the search to find true love.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

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