Why I Am Never Worried About Dying

“Man is old enough to die the very day he is born” The Priest said and we were seated in small groups trying to understand the true essence of death. Life was moving so fast in our eyes that each time we loose a love one, we gather together, shed tears, share some memories, tell story, eat, drink and try to console ourselves. 

I first lose a love one when I was 8, at least that was when I truly feel the sadness,  the loneliness  and the sorry story of the thing called death. 

“Did I cry? ” Off course I did, the thought of not seeing that person again clouded my memory, I lost my confidence, I lost my ego, I even lost myself, I roll on the floor, I shouted, I almost ran mad but nothing changed. 

” You will miss his companion, you will miss his protection, you will miss his jokes, but be console, he is where God wants him to be….  God give, God takes, let us return all glory to him” So says the Priest. Our tears warms our cold heart, our faces becomes sadness, we were completely hopeless. 

20 years down the road, the scenario is not different, I often wonder why people died, the phrase of the past keep surfacing “He  died when we needed him  most” But the truth is life goes on. 

I am always certain that dead will come when I complete my 360 degree of living but I’m not certain of what tomorrow will be. I know I will die someday, that’s the fate of the living, but I am always hoping to live a life that will add meaning to our society.  

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Written by Nditoeka

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