The Number One Question That Has Held So Many People Back!


The question we all have asked ourselves at some point in our lives.

The uncertainty that characterises this question and the fact that it is closely related to our need for acceptance or to be understood, is what makes it’s grip (on any life that will allow it) so strong.

Many are enduring unhappy relationships because of this question. There are people who hate their jobs but can’t quit or switch careers because those close to them won’t understand why they made such a move. Some potential pioneers have ditched the call to greatness because the longing in their heart is for a project that has never been done before and since they are not sure if it would be accepted, they let the dream slowly die.

Show me anyone who has ever achieved any great feat and I can assure you that person has suffered rejection and has been laughed at many times.

The courageous walk on a lonely path, making it unattractive to many but those who dare to tread that path often realize that the loneliness is temporary because many who turn away usually return to celebrate them.

It’s happened in my life many times over. When I was much younger, there were times I went along with friends because I just couldn’t say no, I didn’t want their rejection. ‘They would never understand’ I thought. As I grew older, I knew better. I’m sure you can relate.

So, what will people say or think?

The answer to this question is – Courage!

You’ve got to have an unwavering believe in who God created you to be. Have the courage to present the original version of yourself always;

  • It will direct you towards living a more fulfilling life.
  • It will help you to build genuine relationships.
  • You get to ‘travel light’ on the journey of life because all the excess bagagges associated with keeping up appearances would be out of your way.

To some extent, it’s natural to have uncertainty about situations that are new to you, but when you’ve got a decision to make that concerns your future, never let the opinions of people hold you back. I always talk about wise counsel because I believe that getting advice, especially from those who have gone through a similar path helps us to make more qualitative decisions, but that’s entirely different from running your life based on the need to appear in a particular way before others.

That’s why it is always advisable to ensure that your close circle of friends are people with whom you don’t have to put up appearances, people who give you the freedom to be the best version of yourself.

What will people not say?

Criticisms, jabs, etc will always come. Everyone has and will always have an opinion. Even though we are all free, we are all expected to express our freedom within the confines of the laws that govern our society, issues of morality and principles, which is the reason why no one would spare a thought about condemning a government official who steals or takes a bribe. This is essentially why you need to be sure that your dreams and desires are valid in terms of the law, your faith and your conscience. Once those are in place, you would be doing yourself a great injustice if you let anything else stop you.

Don’t beat yourself up when you get a ‘no’. It’s not a rejection, it’s a redirection-@katrinakavvalos

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It’s a very good question, and most time we are stick while trying to find an answer. I have many experience myself. But am glad I Survived

Tory Eola
Tory Eola

Yes I think we should always consider both ways, what will people not say too.. Looking beyond the criticism

Gloria Adams
Gloria Adams

It’s a perfect write up, thank you Oris for sharing


True, what will people say is a great hindrance

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