Should I Say That Education Sucks!?

Society has harped on education as the means to a successful life. But before will proceed any further with my whining, to be on the same page, success is defined, from my perspective, as finding your dream job,  or doing a business that you like and making a good living.So yes, you go for it, but after years of torture and with a huge student loan hanging over your head, you find out that you have been duped by the system–No job and moving back in with your parents, and yes, the student loan still hangs over your head.And to make matters worse, you see some of your childhood friends that do not have the level of education that you have living up in life, and you begin to wonder if you have wasted your life all these years, and to no avail?And then the system, lucky lay the blame, squarely on your feet begins to throw statistics: “The Bureau of Labor Statistic states that the pay gap between those with a four-year degree and those with a high school degree is at a record high. Four-year college degree holders earn a median weekly salary of $1,137, while employees with a high school degree earn an average $678. This can result in a discrepancy of more than $1 million over the course of a lifetime.”  And why not, it is your fault, you choose the wrong career path, or you are too lazy to find a job.Well, shut up system! And stop trying to bullshit so that you can continue to swindle the populace of their hard end money, only to leave them in depth. But again, I am not completely polarised in my thought– maybe it’s me and my damn luck, or maybe it is my career choice, but some folks do fair well with a quality education. So, people, still go for it; you may be one of those lucky people.Thanks for reading my rant. Best

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Written by Cindy Alvarez

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