The Surprising Ingredient You Probably Don’t Add to Your Eggs (But Totally Should!)

Scrambled eggs are a simple dish by nature. Yet there are many different methods to serve them up, from runny to over easy to well done, and that’s not even counting the endless number of toppings you can add.

Aside from these tricks for making the perfect eggs, however, there’s an easy way to upgrade your a.m. scramble. The secret? Try tossing a bit of soy sauce into your eggs for a more savory bite.

Nothing is wrong with your usual dash of kosher salt, of course. But unlike salt, which tends to get clumpy, just one tablespoon of soy sauce spreads the flavor evenly through your batch of scrambled eggs. And if you’re on a gluten-free diet, tamari is a great substitute.

Skeptical of this unusual addition? Don’t just take our word for it; professional chefs have used this genius tip for ages. Not only does Shirley Chung, runner-up on season 14 of Top Chef, season her eggs with soy sauce, but blogger and cookbook author Joy Wilson also uses this method for her delicious omelets. And besides, everything is worth trying once.

So get scrambling, stat!

[Source: Real Simple]

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