A Tribute To Chester Bennington: Subtle, yet Deep

I know it’s really not believable but up until last week when Chester died, I had never heard of him.
Of course, i have heard that song “Numb” in passing, but I had never really listened to the song neither did I know who recorded it.

Initially, when I saw a post about a certain Chester who had committed suicide on Instagram, my first instinct was regret and pity.

I kept saying to my self, who can say what he was thinking when he made this decision?

Were things that bad? 

This guy had a family and almost everything that other people are still fasting and praying for.

What could have gone wrong?

This was why  I took some time to listen to his songs and I just wonder how we all heard him write and sing openly about how he felt yet his close friends didn’t realise there was some substantial fire on the mountain.

Just in case you don’t know, the rate of suicide has doubled immensely in recent times. Research has shown that at least 7 people take their lives daily.

These people drop subtle messages and signs about their feelings but we are just too busy to notice. We are busy chasing money, getting married, bearing children, getting new jobs, developing business conglomerates, posting pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

We are busy watching YouTube videos, chatting with both the known and unknown, giving unnecessary attention to people who are miles away at the peril of those physically present with us.

I have thought about the fact that his wife should have noticed, even if she didn’t, what about his band mates, his friends, his fans, anyone at all?

Did anyone reach out?

Who tried to help me relieve the pressure in his head?

How did he slip into oblivion without notice, while surrounded by a multitude?

How did he not think about the stigma his children would grow up with, how this would scar them for life, how did he not think about the band, the millions of people counting down to his, concert?

How did he not see everything he was privileged to have?

This is a wake-up call to every HUMAN BEING.

See beyond the surface, care for one another, watch out for one another, don’t let things get out of hand before you intervene, don’t mind your business and keep quiet when a few words from you can turn situations around.

Likewise, you who is currently going through a rough patch, I know you have to be sceptical about who you talk to but, can you just open up?

Talk about it, share with someone, there are lots of counselling services on line for free. These people are total strangers who will listen to you and help you without washing your dirty linens in public.

Even if you don’t want to talk to strangers, what about me?  you should know I’m here for you.

Stop dropping hints and expecting us to decipher your message,
Stop with the I don’t want anyone to know, after all, who kept it a secret EPP?

Let us in, we want to help you.

Don’t commit suicide and assume you are doing us a favour. We need you in our lives.

This death has reminded me of how serious I need to be about #deardiary.

While I’m working on getting a Whatsapp number, if you need to talk, please send a mail to uju@realitieswithuj.com i will respond in twenty-four hours and hear you out.

I promise you your privacy is guaranteed.

This death should be a wake-up call to you too.

How many more valuable lives should we loose to suicide before we start caring?

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Abel Udoekene Jnr

I’m yet to recover from the shock. It’s so unbecoming, the rate of suicide is getting higher by the day. It’s like we have lose it all, where do we go from here


There was one time that I felt so depressed and rejected after series of heart breaks and family issues, I nearly took my own life.. Not because I wanted to but situation nearly force me to.. The only thing that Help was talking with someone about it. Most times we are not ourselves when situation like that present itself… We need to help each other

Dan Norton
Dan Norton

Thank you so much

Margaret Zhang

Some people can be in the midst of others but are still lonely … Sometimes you have to reach out to know how they feel.. you are so kind

Kristen corley

Depression is one of the worst form of madness

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