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Turn that Weakness into a Unique Ability

Everyone who really knows me, knows that i know what to do with pans and pots in the kitchen.

If you have been here with me long enough, you would know that i know how to make you bite your fingers along with the chicken and that there should be some recipes named after me.

Regardless, i can’t fry dodo neither can i cook white soup. Every time i see other people make dodo and it comes out of the oil golden brown with no traces of black streaks, but me….

I have repeatedly tried out several forms and methods of making white soup but over and over again, i just make a total fool of my self.

Sometimes, my inability to make these dishes which represent some sort of emblem of our culture as Nigerians and Africans, makes me second guess and doubt my abilities in the item 7 department.

Recently, I made this dish out of my imagination and it was so wonderful that my friend Tolu called it a designer dish. So i just thought to my self, you can’t make presentable dodo but you can make designer whatever else. Why are you stuck on your inability to make dodo?

And so i just let my inability to fry dodo slide. And now, when i introduce my self i just say ; … plus i don’t know how to make dodo after my name and all the necessary details.

I owned my shortcomings in that department.

This is my shortcoming, my shortfall, my weakness, my other side, my fault and i just own it and curb it from determining how i see my self in the second most important place in my house.

I know it means nothing compared to what you consider your fault, weakness, shortfall, shortcoming etc.

But the lesson is simple.

Stop running away from your faults and weaknesses, own them because until you accept that you have these weaknesses and own them,you can never win the battles against your weaknesses.

These are your shortcomings, weaknesses,failures, shortfalls or whatever you choose to call it,
own them,
Fight them
And win them.

Accepting and owning these faults and weaknesses is the beginning of your victory.

I’m just saying.

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Funny Tom

Great, thank you so much

Carrie Dobson

I love your writing style, glad that you are a good cook. Keep up

Abel Udoekene Jnr

I’m happy to read this today, it’s true accepting and owning our flaws will make us better

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