Up to 10 people massacred after armed student shoots and ‘hurls bombs’ at high school

Up to ten people are reported to have been killed after a bomb-wielding gunman opened fire at an art class at his own high school. A federal official told KHOU11 that there had been ‘multiple student fatalities’ at Santa Fe High School after Friday morning’s shooting, with Harris County SheriffEd Gonzalez confirming around 11:45am that the number was ‘eight to ten.’

Sheriff Gonzalez told a press conference: ‘There are multiple fatalities have been confirmed, it could be anywhere from eight to ten fatalities at the school, students and adults.’ Sheriff Gonzalez added that he expected ‘the majority’ of those killed to be students.

The gunman was a student who has been arrested – and Harris County Sheriff’s Department said another person has been contained, although it is unclear whether that person was a shooter too. The killer is also said to have left improvised explosive devices and at least one pipe bomb at the school, although it is unclear if any of these were detonated.

A school district spokesman said around 10:15am ET: ‘The situation is active but has been contained, there are confirmed injuries.’ They did not comment on the extent of the injuries. Sheriff’s deputies said shortly after 10am ET that the shooter has been contained, and is now believed to be in custody. Another suspect is being questioned, while bomb detonation squads have also rushed to a trailer park half a mile from the school amid fears it has been booby-trapped with exclusives.

A student in the art class said a girl was shot in the leg, and described her as being covered in blood in the immediate aftermath. It happened first period, with one eyewitness reporting that he heard seven shots, with a student pulling the school’s fire alarm after seeing the shotgun-wielding shooter enter the building. Donald Trump has also tweeted about the massacre, saying: ‘School shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good. God bless all!’

Ambulances at the scene of Friday’s shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas (Picture: ABC13)The student, called Vaughn, said: ‘My friend saw a guy with a gun, so he pulled the fire alarm. ‘I heard three shots, ran to the trees, called mom, heard four more shots. ‘There was a girl that was saw coming this way, she had a bandage around her kneecap. some people came and got her, some firemen.’ Vaughn also told ABC13 that the school had at least one armed resource officer, although it is not yet clear whether they fired any of the shots, or contained the shooter before SWAT teams arrived.



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