10 Must Have Candid Clicks In Your Wedding Album

Every bride and groom dream about their wedding to be perfect and each moment to be captured and cherished in the most beautiful wedding album of all. Choosing the right candid wedding photographer is just the first step, but knowing what one really wants is what does the magic.

We have handpicked some of the coolest candid photography ideas for your wedding. Magical wedding album assured!

1. The one with the kids

No wedding is complete without little angels running around being all sweet and cute. Get some uber cool candids clicked with kids using interesting props to add a dash of fun to your wedding album. Use interesting props, outfits and add-ons like big lollipops and games to get some uber cool candids.

2. The striking dance shots 

What adds to the fun and frolic of a wedding is the dance and music. Dancing on ethnic music and the ones of your choice rejoice the spirit. Rock the dance floor on Sangeet, Engagement and other wedding processions with some killer dance moves in beautiful outfits and let your wedding photographer do his magic of candid photography.

3. Mom, Dad, and the Bride

A candid picture with your parents is a must for the perfect wedding album. Do note your parents will be busy preparing for the wedding processions and hence pre-planning is definitely a must for this one. Holding their hands while you are walking to Mandap, a cutesy picture while getting ready with your mom beside you, and feeling all emotional in your dad’s arms are some of the ideas to take clue from.

4. Bride or groom prepping up

Mirror pictures are a perfect addition to a wedding album. The bride adoring her beauty and getting ready for the D-day with her bridesmaids and groom in all his glory with turban and sherwani are beautiful moments to capture. Give beautiful poses with the veil and a beautiful candid picture is assured. Getting ready for the big day is a very precious moment. Make sure to capture it in its best.

5. The baraat

The grand arrival of the groom with all relatives is the perfect setup for candid photography. Everyone dancing to the perfect tunes, and the fun-filled celebrations and emotions give great pictures to cherish for a lifetime. Celebrate the very last moments of your bachelorhood with royal poses with family and friends.

6. Pose with your gang 

Friends are an important part of life and a must have on your wedding. Dressing up in oh-so colorful costumes and posing in front of the decorated walls and settings is an interesting idea. Add props like balloons, letter boards with fun quotes, show-off your mehndi and what not! Never stop having fun when your gang is around even if its your D day.

7. The rituals

Each and every wedding ritual has some uniqueness to it which is a must capture. Bride, groom, family and friends lost in the peace and tranquility of the moment gives the best candid photographs. Mehndi, Haldi and engagement are some of the fun filled processions and the perfect setup for cool candid photography.

8. Bride and groom candid moments

Get lost in the love for each other while the wedding photographer clicks precious moments spent together. You can visit the place where you first met, a park or a restaurant, or simply stay inside the comfort of your home. Choose elaborate outfits or simple ones and get some candid pictures clicked to cherish for a lifetime.

9. Bittersweet emotions

The most important day in one’s life, the wedding day is filled with anticipation and mixed feelings of bittersweet emotions. Capture every smile, laugh and emotional moments to complete your wedding album. You may also want to include your pet in this, he is a very important part of your life, isn’t he?

10. Relishing food

While you treat your taste buds to lip-smacking Shaadi ka khana or share the sweets and desserts with your better-half, family, and friends, let your candid wedding photographer capture the joy of relishing! Since you are going to be very busy on the big day, this saves you as you can get some sweet pictures clicked with your family while relishing food for one last time!

Amidst all the preparations for the wedding and innumerable processions, it becomes difficult to focus on all the candid clicks that must not be missed. But these candid clicks ideas are a must have in your wedding album and they are sure to rock your candid photography game.

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