You Deserve So Much More Than What He’s Giving You

Girl, you are priceless. You can’t fix him as much as you want to. It’s in your gentle and kind nature to want to help people, but how are you going to help someone grow as a person if they aren’t even aware there’s an issue? He’s not even willing to take responsibility and be held accountable for his lack of respect and love as well as the lies and manipulation. Please stop settling for third or fourth best. And I’m not even sure he deserves third or fourth best.

You are beautiful. You are growing into a beautiful person on the inside and out. You weren’t born for mediocre. You were put here for more than basic…extraordinary and extravagant! I would hate to see you hide all of that positive energy only to go to waste on someone who doesn’t deserve it.


For someone who isn’t willing to fight for you

If they’re not willing to fight for you and for the relationship, they are not worth it. You want and need someone who is going to have your back, validate you and your feelings and fights beside you day in and day out.

For someone who has messed up in the past and doesn’t care enough to make things right

We all make mistakes. We’re human and it is inevitable. But someone who knows they have done something wrong or something to upset you and doesn’t attempt to right their wrong, say your goodbyes. Chances are…if they are not willing to do it once, they most likely won’t be willing to do it in the future. Save yourself any unnecessary pain and heartache.

For someone who only tries when it is convenient for them

There are a lot of selfish people in this world. If your partner only puts in the effort when it’ll benefit them or when they get something out of it, leave. You will end up putting in a lot of effort and time as well as investing a lot more in the relationship than your partner.

For someone who shows no progress

It’s understandable that people need time to change and I fully support those who want to change. But there needs to be some sort of progress over a period of time or else they may not be working on themselves and changes needed to be made and is only buying themselves some time.

For lies and manipulation

For things you do not deserve

For basic

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