Three Tips to Create Attention-Grabbing Slideshow Videos for Social Media

Over the years slideshow videos have become a popular form of content on social media. As an audiovisual type of content, they share many of the advantages of conventional videos and can be created more quickly and easily – and often at less cost.

If you start to create slideshow videos, you should focus on making sure they are able to grab the attention of viewers on social media. That can be tricky considering how quickly social media users skim over their feeds – which is why there are three tips that could make a world of difference:

Use powerful visuals in your slides

One of the best ways to draw viewers to your slideshow videos is by making sure their visuals are powerful. In fact, as far as possible you should try to use visuals to deliver the message of your videos.

Simply put visuals are able to attract more attention to themselves than text, which is why it is important that you use them. The exact visuals that you use will depend on the content of the slideshow, but it could encompass photos, diagrams, charts, graphs, illustrations, and more.

If you want you could even create a simple infographic to help make dry statistics look far more interesting.

Make the first slide a hook

The very first slide of your slideshow video should be designed to specifically get as much attention as possible and convince viewers to keep watching. That is why it should be structured as a hook of some type so that it makes viewers feel interested.

If possible you should choose a type of hook that fits the content of your slideshow. In some cases, you may want to focus on the benefits viewers stand to gain by watching it, while in others you may want to pose a question to them, create a metaphor, or even reveal a shocking statistic.

Set the mood using background music

Background music can play an important role in getting attention, and you should take advantage of it to set the right mood for your videos. However to do that you will need to first identify the types of emotions that you want viewers to feel when they watch your slideshow.

On top of that, you should also decide which parts of your slideshow you’d like the music to feature in. For example, in some slideshows, you could just add music to the start and end of the video as ‘bookends’.

Finding the right background music can be challenging, but you can browse royalty-free music websites as a place to start. It may help to identify similar-sounding music and use it as a reference to help you find a track that fits.

If you’d like to easily create a slideshow video for social media, you should try using Movavi Slideshow Maker. The Movavi slideshow creator will let you put together an attention-grabbing video in a matter of minutes, complete with background music, creative captions, visual effects, and more.

Make no mistake if you use the tips listed above when you create your slideshow videos, you should be able to get the attention of more viewers on social media. Be sure to track how your videos perform, however, and try to identify any areas that you can potentially improve in the future.

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