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5 Zodiac Signs Who Are All Decked Up for Christmas

The holiday season has begun and the next stop on the way to the New Year’s is Christmas. The most beloved holiday of all! I believe by now you have already started to put on the lights on the roof, decorating Christmas tree and baking all kinds of holiday cookies. While you maybe oozing in Christmas spirit, there are still a few […] More

12 Stellar and Fortuitous Reasons To Read Daily Horoscopes

There are different reasons that prompt people all over the world to read their daily horoscope. Some folks just read for fun while others believe in the science of astrology. Horoscopes have become rather popular all over the world in recent times. Many newspapers offer free daily horoscopes and that prompts people to read them and […] More

5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Contradictory

This must be interesting, getting to find out zodiac signs which according to Astrology are deemed contradictory. However, there is nothing negative, it’s just that these signs will would say one thing and then do something totally opposite. Being contradictory comes with its share of people judging you, questionable credibility, immaturity, and other allegations that […] More

Know What Your Christmas Horoscope 2018 Says

It’s the holiday season and you’re in for the biggest party of the year, Christmas 2018. Yes, we are talking about dinners, drinks, after-work bash, presents, and all the crazy things that you do on this day. Even if you are a party animal, cranking up the most happening Christmas bash can be a tough task, especially if you […] More

What Happens When the New Moon is In Your Sign?

If you are a stargazer just like myself, I believe you too must have heard things like Jupiter in Libra, Sun moving in Aries, etc. But did you really ever feel like knowing about how a planetary body moving in an out of a zodiac sign is going to influence you. As interesting as this question may sound […] More

Astrology: A Way For You To Unlock the Mysteries Of Life

Most people think of Astrology as some sort of occult or mystic practice often used for predicting the future. And believe it or not, there are even speculations of it being a pseudoscience that has been definitively proven to be nothing but a psychological confounding. Well, there can be all kinds of definitions and interpretations […] More

December New Moon Turns You into Risk Taker

Apart from being a holiday month, December is also known to be an eventful period in terms of Astrology and considered a significant phase for the ever-so-changing celestial arrangements. There is a lot that you can witness in this month like some spectacular meteor showers and the refreshing December solstice.   Now speaking of Astrological […] More

4 Most Introvert Zodiacs

Now when you read the heading on the top, did it make you feel that you are about to come across a certain category of people that won’t utter a word when you try and talk to them? If it is so, then we would like you to know, that there is nothing like it. […] More

New Moon In Sagittarius Not A Good News For These 3 Zodiac Signs

For those who don’t know, there will be a new Moon just a couple of weeks before we bring in the Christmas and New Year festivities. This event will be observed on 6 and 7, depending upon the time zone you follow. For Easternand Central it would be around two in the morning and as per Pacific standard, it could be clearly […] More

3 Zodiac Signs Who Would Settle For Less In a Relationship

We have always been taught never to settle for anything less when it comes to romantic relationships, but just as you know, people still do it. So what exactly is it that makes people accept less than what they deserve in matters of love and commitment? Well, there could be a myriad of plausible reasons […] More