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Fish Fraud alert: The Fish on your plate may not be what you ordered

If you eat seafood, even occasionally, there’s a good chance you’ve been served a fish species you didn’t order. A new monthslong investigation by ocean advocacy group Oceana finds widespread and persistent fraud in the U.S. seafood industry. The organization tested 449 fish from more than 250 restaurants, seafood markets and grocery stores across the […] More

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‘Dead’ man turns up two months after burial

A man who was thought to be dead has turned up at his family’s home two months after they apparently buried him. Aigali Supygaliev, from Kazakhstan, was pronounced dead after DNA tests on badly burned human remains proved with “with 99.2% certainty” that they were his. Authorities issued an official death certificate and he was […] More

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South Korea vows to arrest citizens who smoke cannabis in Canada

South Korean residents who smoke cannabis in Canada will be “punished” on their return home, the country’s authorities have warned. The North American nation became the second country in the world after Uruguay to legalise recreational marijuana last week, a move that has triggered global debate around decriminalisation of the drug. But South Koreans living […] More

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People With These 5 Personality Types Understand The True Meaning Of Empathy

They just get you. There are certain men and women with personality types that put them in a category we like to call “shoe people.” No, they’re not necessarily similar to footwear fabulous Carrie Bradshaw. These are people who possess personality traits, characteristics and people skills that translate into the capacity for understanding what it’s […] More

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After Trump Tweets that the Ford Focus Can ‘BE BUILT IN THE U.S.A.,’ Ford Explains Why That Would Make No Sense

On Sunday, President Donald Trump tweeted approvingly about the 10-day-old news that his 25% tariffs on Chinese-made automobiles had led Ford f to decide against importing its compact Ford Focus Active model to the U.S. from the Chinese factories where the car is made. “This is just the beginning. This car can now be BUILT […] More

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