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If You’re Having Suicidal Thoughts, Please Read This

  I’ve now known, and I mean genuinely knew in person, spoke with, or was friends with, four people who have committed suicide. Attending those funerals, seeing all of the people who truly loved and cared for that person… How could they leave all of these people behind? I thought to myself. Even though, deep down, […] More

A Sorry Does Not Change Anything Between Us

A sorry doesn’t take back the nights you came stumbling home at three in the morning with liquor dripping from your pores. A sorry doesn’t take back the lies you told while looking me directly in the eyes without a stutter in your sentence. A sorry doesn’t take back the baggage you dropped onto my shoulders when I […] More

I Let Myself Think About You Today

I’m not really sure how it happened. I must have seen something that reminded me of you, or maybe passed by someplace we went before. Regardless, I let myself think about you today. Not in the way I typically do, which is full of anger and shame and blame. No, today I thought about the […] More

Date Someone You Don’t Have To Impress

Date someone you can be goofy with. Someone who can embrace your silliness, someone who joins you in your absurdity and someone who doesn’t ask you to act in a certain way or speak in a certain manner so you can attract them. Date someone who is impressed by originality, by authenticity and by how real […] More

Instead Of Holding In Your Emotions, Practice Being Vulnerable

There are times in our lives when we have to bite our tongue because we do not have a positive state of mind. What we say has a ripple down effect on others. It always will. That’s who we are and that’s how we are wired. No matter how hard we try to hide our […] More

Read this if you are Feeling Like You Wasted All Of 2018

I bet you are one of the people who made tremendous plans for 2018. You probably made plans to save money or invest it into something very beneficial in the future. Plans to get a toned physique or at least to shed some pounds. Plans to travel to the most wonderful places. Plans to reconcile […] More

One Day You’ll Find The Love You Deserve

One day you’ll meet the love of your life when you least expect it. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been single your whole life or you were in toxic relationship the entire time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cynical about love or in the wreck of your heartbreak. It doesn’t matter if you’re brimming with […] More

12 questions that will change your life

The instinct is to look for answers, but the truth is that questions that teach us most. It can also be that the rhetorical questions—the ones that don’t even seem to have answers—that push and push the hardest. Who do you think you are? What does all this mean? Why? Why? Why? The right question […] More